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Senior Brand Manager, Malts


London, United Kingdom

External Job Description

Did you know laid end-to-end, the 99 million cases of Scotch exported each year would run the distance between Edinburgh and New York – six times. And here at Diageo we are at the beating heart of this incredible thriving whisky production and craftsmanship. In fact, we are the largest scotch producers in the world with 28 Malt distilleries all over Scotland, we have in excess of 9m casks of maturing stock and we pack over 50,000 bottles of scotch per hour. Diageo owns some of the most prestigious, respected, highly valuable and most expensive Single Malts in the world – including Talisker, Lagavulin, Oban, Singleton, Cardhu. This helps to explain why we’re the 1 player globally in Value.

Here in the Europe Malt Whisky team we are incredibly proud to play our part in hundreds of years of tradition. We consider ourselves the guardians of our brands, standing on the shoulders of inspiring entrepreneurs, artisans, craftsmen and women and helping steer our brands into the future. This luxury category is intriguing, at times complex, steeped in history and fires the imagination and taste buds of all those who get to know her. In fact, Malts have been consistently outperforming every other global Spirits category over the past 5 years – and we are looking for people who are passionately committed to being part of this growth story.

We are looking for Senior Brand Managers who are hungry, ambitious and bold - who are entrepreneurs in their own right. You will have the opportunity to be the guardian of your own Malt brand (Singleton, Cardhu or Talisker). To shape their future. To immerse yourself into the world of whisky, of luxury, of Scottish heritage, of flavours and aging processes. You will respect the tradition of where the brand has come from, but bravely commit to their future. You’ll care passionately about our brands, you’ll tell all your friends & family about them and encourage them to explore the whisky world with you, you’ll see this role as more than a day job – you’ll see it as an incredible opportunity to build knowledge for a lifetime of interest.

If you believe you have the energy and passion to drive Singleton to become the world’s number one Single Malt…. If you believe you can bring the story of Cardhu’s founder, Helen Cummings, to a new audience in a compelling way…. If you believe you can weave Talisker’s ‘made by the sea’ origins into the culture of those who seek adventure – we would love to hear from you!


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