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Research Associate

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


We are looking for a Research Associate to support the research group of Prof Mike Williamson in the internationally excellent academic department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. This is a high profile research group with a wide range of interests centred on NMR, and the information it can provide on protein structure and function. You will be a potential research leader of the future, with established skills in protein expression and purification and in biological NMR, and will push forward a range of exciting projects and contribute to the supervision of students, as well as developing your own research. You will be supported and encouraged in all aspects, but will be required to work with a good level of independence, carrying out planning and organisation at a high level. You should have a PhD in a relevant area (or equivalent experience), and demonstrated experience in protein expression and purification and in protein NMR. You will have enthusiasm and persistence and will gain a wide range of skills.

Job Description
The successful applicant will be helping to run a diverse research group conducting a wide range of

Main Duties and Responsibilities

 Plan and conduct research on NMR studies of proteins
 Undertake experimental measures of hydrogen bonding, improved methods of chemical shift mapping, uses of high pressure NMR and expression and NMR study of a range of novel proteins
 Liaise closely with Prof Williamson and other researchers within the Research Group.
 Contribute to the supervision of students at PhD, Masters and undergraduate level.
 Push forward research on a range of topics in parallel, including protein cloning; expression; purification; NMR characterisation; NMR assignments; ligand binding studies; structure calculation.
 Presentation of results, both orally and written within scientific journals and at national/ international conferences.
 Take part in lab management.
 Keep appropriate records of all work carried out.
 Read and review literature as appropriate.
 Opportunities to develop independent research projects.
 Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post


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