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Head of Emerging Technologies (HoET)EMEA


London, United Kingdom

The role of Head of Emerging Technologies (HoET), EMEA is to focus on emerging technologies and AWS Services relevant to EMEA, and support and develop the Solution Architecture (SA) function relating to these technologies. The HoET takes a lead role in developing and delivering thought leadership content relating to Emerging Technology, and is positioned as a role model with speaking responsibilities. They help develop content for large internal and external events such as summits, conferences and seminars in areas they have subject matter expertise. They lead architectural content development initiatives, which may include reference implementations, new white papers.

The HoET collaborates with the business development team on strategic customer accounts, helping the customer define and drive the strategic direction for adoption of Amazon platforms and technologies by skilfully blending the business aspects with the technical. They help the customer think through their business and technology strategy and optimize their application architectures.

The HoET identifies talent needs on the SA team, and proactively leads efforts to develop those capabilities. They actively mentor team members. They play a leading role in SA initiatives across multiple geographies to develop and share best practices to help scale the organization.

EMEA has a diverse range of countries, customers and cloud maturity – with a relatively small AWS business development and SA function to cover this vast geographic region. With the rapid rate of new AWS services (over 90) and updates (1017 in 2016, over 322 by May 2017), it is a continual challenge for Solution Architects, and customers, to stay up to date with the relevant technologies and services. The role of the Head of Emerging Technologies is one of the mechanisms to assist SA’s develop expertise and help customers understand the value and relevance of the technology to their business. It is an environment where Learn and be Curious, Dive Deep, Invent & Simplify, Think Big and Customer Obsession are required and expected.


• 7+ years of experience in the design and implementation of complex IT solutions (including scalable cloud-based solutions and microservices architectures)
• Experience as a Lead Architect, Principle Architect or leader of Architecture teams
• Deep understanding of technologies in the open source developer ecosystem, including IDEs, developer frameworks, continuous integration platforms
• Practical operational experience including monitoring application and infrastructure performance and reliability
• Having led teams that follow the DevOps philosophy, practices, and tools
• Knowledge of the latest developments in NoSQL databases, Containers and Real time analytics solutions.
• Excellent communications and presentation skills


• CTO/co-founder experience in an emerging technology firm or consulting firm
• A Masters Degree in computer science, MIS, engineering or equivalent technical degree
• AWS Solution Architect Certificates; Associates, Developer, Professional.
• Hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services (e.g. AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, Amazon ECS, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CodeStar, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon Elasticsearch service, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon CloudFront etc.)
• Knowledge of multiple, modern development languages such as Ruby, Python and Node.js
• Understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts and technology
• Experience in a customer-facing, sales-aligned role such as consultant, solutions engineer or solutions architect.


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