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Research Associate

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

You will work with Professor Roger Butlin to advance an ERC-funded project on the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation in the coastal gastropod, Littorina saxatilis. The project is focused on the evolution of reproductive barriers, starting with divergent adaptation in the face of gene flow and progressing towards completion of speciation. We focus on analysis of contrasting contact zones in Sweden and Spain, which we are analysing with intensive phenomics and genomics approaches. You will be expected to have a strong commitment to research in evolutionary genetics and a special interest in processes of speciation. Analysis of large sequencing data sets will be a key component of the role but you will also participate in sampling and experimental work as part of a large collaborative team.

You will have a PhD or equivalent experience in evolutionary genetics and experience of research in evolutionary genetics.
You will have experience of analysing high-throughput sequence data sets and experience of constructing bioinformatics pipelines.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
 Coordinate the preparation of samples from snail populations for sequence analysis
 Develop methods for handling and analysis of sequence and genotype data
 Analyse sequence and genotype data from genomic re-sequencing
 Coordinate and participate in field sampling of snails from Swedish and Spanish populations
 Coordinate and participate in phenotypic analyses, including behavioural experiments
 Design SNP assays, coordinate genotyping and analyse the resulting data
 Collaborate with a Project Partner in Sweden to manage a series of crosses for genetic analysis
 Prepare papers for journals / presentations either in-house or at national / international conferences or seminars to disseminate research findings.
 Write supporting documents to contribute to and support the work of the Research Group, e.g. reports and interim reports.
 Carry out administrative roles as required.
 Maintain effective communication with collaborating research groups
 Provide help to other researchers in the same laboratory in related fields of research.
 Contribute to the supervision of a research technician and research student associated with the project
 Read academic papers, journals and textbooks and attend conferences to keep abreast of developments.
 Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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