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Research Software Engineer in Mobile Computing

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

This position relates to the European project SETA ( that the Group coordinates. SETA creates technologies and methodologies set to change the way mobility is organised, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas. The solutions are based on large, complex dynamic data from millions of citizens, thousands of connected cars, thousands of city sensors and hundreds of distributed databases. Seta has developed mobile tracking algorithms and associated applications (iOS and Android) which track both motorised and non-motorised mobility with sub-minute frequency. These apps are currently in use by dozens of thousands of citizens in the UK and we are now expanding in Europe in two large metropolitan areas with the involvement of dozens of thousands of citizens.
The Research Software Engineer will further develop and maintain the tracking software and associated applications developed for Android. This will also extend to the client-server architecture that sends and receives data to our servers – a large-scale architecture able to send and receive large amounts of data 24/7. The job will include both the development of bespoke interfaces and tracking strategies for external customers, as well as to support the development of new tracking algorithms in collaboration with Prof. Fabio Ciravegna who is the team leader, main designer and implementer of the technology. Part of the job will also include maintaining the apps after market launch.

Job Description
Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Design, develop and maintain Android software of the highest quality to meet the project objectives of the global activity mentioned above in an efficient and effective manner.
• Design, implement and maintain server software written in Nodejs able to support large scale data input, processing and output.
• Design and implement software testing methodologies for the application (for example, using JUnit tests). Ensuring the security of data will be an important part of the test.
• Deliver the technology to dozens of thousands of real users via Google Play Store and other channels.
• Apply models and techniques related to health and wellbeing, while considering also similar domains.
• Compile and analyse quantitative and qualitative data, prepare reports and present results to summarise main findings and conclusions to partners and to external audience.
• Analyse and write up research results of tests and experiments undertaken into high quality documents.
• Support the project coordinator, Professor Ciravegna, in identifying new functionality and directions of research.
• Monitor results of the research.
• Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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