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Research Associate in Computational Neuroscience

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


We are seeking a motivated computational neuroscientist to answer a key question: what does the insect protocerebrum do?
This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team at the beginning of the ambitious ‘Brains on Board’ research project;
the honey bee is a working example of a capable autonomous agent, whose competences the Brains on Board project is seeking to emulate using quadrotor UAVs running neural-based models of the honey bee brain. Regions of protocerebrum are implicated in behavioural switching and decision-making, which is essential for true robot autonomy.

Job Description
Main Duties and Responsibilities
 Conduct research into the insect protocerebrum’s structure and function.
 Develop and test neural models of insect protocerebral regions.
 Interact with experimental biologists and neuroscientists to design experiments and interpret resulting data
 Co-ordinate with team members on integration of neural models with each other, and with quadcopter hardware
 Communicate research findings via papers and presentations.
 Design tests and experiments to address research objective and find solutions
 Analyse results and writes up results of tests and experiments undertaken
 Present results of scientific research to sponsors, addresses conferences and publishes articles outlining the methodology and results of research undertaken
 Design and develop an appropriate research methodology in order to address the research objective
 Write journal articles, and books, and addresses conferences, seminars and the media to reveal research findings
 Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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