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Research Software Engineer in High Performance Multi Agent Simulation

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Are you interested in developing research software to support simulation at unprecedented new scales?
An exciting opportunity is available within the Department of Computer Science for someone with a passion in performanceoriented software development, looking to use their skills in parallel programming to make an impact on a significant
collaborative EU research programme.

You will join the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Group as a full time developer for the multi-agent Flexible Large Scale Agent Modelling Environment for the Graphics Processing Unit (FLAME GPU) software. Your standing and approach to software engineering will further strengthen our strong track record of good software practice to support internationally important research. The RSE team in Sheffield is one of the largest in the UK with a track record of software development and collaboration with researchers from across all the universities faculties. It is led by two nationally leading EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellows. You will work alongside researchers in the EU project consortium, and more broadly with researchers and software developers from the department of Computer Science and the Insigneo Institute of in silico Medicine.

You will use your knowledge of GPU computing and C++ development to create and maintain software to support the EU
project consortium, helping to ensure the reputation of the University through the production of high quality research software. As this role requires collaborative working with both computational biological modellers and software developers, it provides an excellent opportunity to develop your skills in interdisciplinary working. Other key aspects of the role will include promoting best software practice, evaluating software performance and dissemination of software and project outputs.

Educated to PhD level (equivalent experience or be close to completion), you will have a track record of software development and of writing performance oriented code with data parallel programming models.

Job Description
Main Duties and Responsibilities
 Software development, testing and documentation for the FLAME GPU Software. Designing unit tests, advocating collaborative workflows and taking responsibility for software quality.
 Collaboration with EU project partners (predominantly biological modellers) in integrating FLAME GPU with existing simulation tools for massive scale Immune system modelling.
 Development of algorithms and techniques to extend software functionality to handle new use cases provided by partners during the continuation of the projects model development phase.
 Measuring and reporting on performance of models developed within the wider project.
 Reporting of project outcomes via papers and reports.
 Self-organisation of time to ensure software deliverables to agreed time frames.
 Participation in technical discussions and dissemination of software approaches to the wider project team.
 Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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