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Software Development Engineer


London, United Kingdom

Our members love entertainment. Amazon’s Prime Video service launched in 2014 and has quickly become a strategic priority for the organization, reflected in the service’s recent expansion into over 200 countries and territories around the world. Amazon invests on acquiring, producing and programming TV shows & movies – from brand new, including must-see exclusive series like The Grand Tour, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, to The Man in the High Castle, Transparent, Mr Robot and more.

Prime Video is known for its ground-breaking impact, and in case you think there is nothing more to do, then think again. We are building a new global innovation platform designed to transform how we develop, test, verify and automate against physical devices. With hundreds of devices currently supported, and many more being certified in the future, we are changing how we work with devices to ensure that even at this scale we can assure the exceptional customer experience at all times.

Prime Video product teams are continually striving to deliver more features, and platform improvements, faster through CI/CD delivery platforms. With platform complexity increasing, and aggressive increases in the number of customer device types, our ability to test on customer devices has understandably struggled to keep up.

Join us on a mission to change that!

We are designing the next generation cloud platform for both physical and virtual devices.

As we work from the physical tiers, onto micro-processors and right through to rack capacity we will be building custom solutions from the hardware systems to the contention management software. We aim to take away the complexity of device management, so that it can become a plug-and-play global network of self-managing, and self-healing, capacity.

We work from the AWS cloud down, so we will be wrapping this all up securely using the latest AWS frameworks and tools into consumable RESTful APIs. Clients will be delivered as well as SDKs to enable customers to integrate and extend the capabilities.

We are looking for builders, inventors and generally awesome engineers. We are looking for people with experience in hardware and systems integration, as well as pure software backgrounds, and we will be building specialized teams to make the best use of your skills.

Complex and challenging – yes!
Ambitious and audacious – yes!
Innovative and impactful – yes!

Is this you? Then please apply, join us, and make history…

Working with devices is a hard engineering problem, due to the fact that they typically share no standard operating system, I/O, installation or debugging tooling. We have to support all of them from the latest Android right through to Smart TVs.

Our mission is to solve this problem. We plan to make working with devices easy to the point that it becomes a transparent platform with homogeneous APIs no matter how complex the device itself might be.

We are looking for outstanding inventors who can design, build and own both low level hardware systems and integration with networks and networked capabilities such as power over IP racks, VPN systems, and SMART TVs and games consoles.

You will be working to create software driven capabilities to control devices using micro-processors, or flashing firmware using APIs, as well as working out how to rack mount and control TVs and boards in racks globally. Operational excellence is also your concern, and so you will be expected to define and implement metrics, and operational systems to monitor them, to ensure a reliable, performant, secure and frugal platform is provided to consumers.

Ideally you will be a polyglot who cares about using the right language and tool for the job, as opposed to thinking only within the limits of your own experience. If you want to stretch yourself, as well as the boundaries of what is possible in modern tech then look no further.

· Experience with hardware and device integration, network streaming and low latency management of IoT devices
· Raspberry Pi, Arduino & micro-processor control experience
· Experience driving IO pins: either through hardware or software
· Experience implementing drivers: HDMI/VGA a plus
· Experience with video technology delivery
· Git and a strong grasp on distributed VCS in general
· Enterprise level Javascript/NodeJS, Java
· Experience with Lua and C++
· Interest in delivering software control mechanisms to hardware and infrastructure.


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