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BRC Clinical Fellowship in Neurology (2 posts)

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


The NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre is offering 2 training positions in Translational Neuroscience:
Two Clinical Research Fellowships (full-time for 1 year), one with an immediate start and one with an April 2018 start

The NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre is focused on the pull-through of developments in Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation and Cerebrovascular disease into early phase clinical trials. Research in these areas is supported by cross-cutting themes of Advanced Medical Imaging, Genomic Medicine and Bioinformatics, and in silico medicine. The Sheffield BRC brings together outstanding scientists from the University of Sheffield Departments of Neuroscience and Engineering in multidisciplinary research institutes SITraN and INSIGNEO to improve the treatment and care of people living with chronic neurological disorders.

Job Description
Main Duties and Responsibilities
 Design, develop and refine experiments in translational neuroscience research in order to obtain reliable data.
 Assist in experimental medicine studies as required.
 Assist in the collection, documentation and analysis of biosamples.
 Analyse and record clinical data to aid the design of the research data.
 Prepare papers for journals / presentations either in-house or at national / international conferences or seminars to disseminate research findings.
 Write supporting documents to contribute to and support the work of the Research Group, eg reports and interim reports. Carry out administrative roles as required.
 Provide help to other researchers in the same laboratory in related field of research.
 Read academic papers, journals and textbooks and attend conferences to keep abreast of developments.
 Participate in one weekly clinic session per week.
 Attend SPR Neurology training days.
 Plan for specific aspects of the research programme as discussed with the fellowship supervisor.
 Contribute to research group planning.
 For each particular hypothesis, plan for own contribution up to three months ahead, incorporating issues such as the availability of resources, deadlines, project milestones and overall research aims. Design individual experiments and work-plan weekly.
 Coordinate and liaise with other members of the research group over work progress. Supervise research team/activities if required.
 Continuously monitor and check results with daily planning to accommodate new developments.
 Plan several months in advance to meet deadlines for journal publications and to prepare presentations and papers for conferences.
 Any other duties, commensurate with the grade of the post.


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