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If you'd like us to consider you first, before other candidates, select the 'Black Book' option upon registration or update at any time.

The 'Black Book' option flags to us you're either actively looking for a new opportunity, or if a relevant role arises you'll welcome a heads up and a tap on the shoulder.

We do not make your data available to anyone without your prior consent, and employers do not know that you're in our 'Black Book'. This is a private resource for accelerating our searching and contacting of talented women. By being in our 'Black Book' we won't assume you're dissatisfied in your current role, it simply means that you're potentially open to knowing about targeted relevant opportunities. And remember, not all roles are advertised!

To participate, please select the 'Black Book' option upon registration where you'll be asked for additional information about your career strengths and interests.

There's no cost for participation. The 'Black Book' is comprised of 'women of high talent' globally.

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