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Catch these brilliant podcasts to advance your own career

Catch these brilliant podcasts to advance your own career

Enjoy these insightful and engaging podcasts from the Where Women Work community of Prime Employers for Women. Extend your industry knowledge, focus on career advancement, enjoy the advice, wisdom and inspiration of others.

Taking chances on talent is important

"When opportunity knocks, walk through the door!" Annette Clayton, Chief Executive Officer & President of North America Operations for Schneider Electric discusses her background in engineering and how every step she has taken has led her to where she is now in her career. Don't miss this hugely inspiring and insightful podcast!

What employers mean by diversity

When you're searching for graduate jobs, you'll hear a lot from employers about how important diversity, equality and inclusion are to them - and rightly so. But what does this mean in practice for you when you join a company? Barbra Carlisle from Arcadis provides detailed insight into what Arcadis does to ensure you have the opportunity to be successful, whatever your background.

Designing inclusively with WSP's Sarah Taylor & Eabha Elliott

The Fit For Purpose podcast sees WSP’s Sarah Taylor and Eabha Elliott disucss inclusive design. Sarah Taylor is a WSP Environment Associate and Eabha Elliot is a WSP Graduate Consultant for Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) Operations and Safety. 

How Diageo is positively impacting wider industry

Three Diageo women, Laura Watt, Executive VP for HR for North America; Caroline Rhodes, Global Inclusion & Diversity Director & HR Director, Corporate Functions; Jeanine Dooley, Head of Inclusion & Diversity for North America, explain how Diageo is a leader for global brands and wants to tell a story about its impact on social change.

When women rise we all thrive

By showcasing how women rise at Schneider Electric, the company hopes that they can inspire more women in energy to step up and engage more men as allies. Everyone can play a part in achieving gender equality.

How team sports make you a better leader

Bazaarvoice Chief of Staff, Revenue in EMEA, Carlota Berruezo, started her career playing handball for the top Spanish Women’s division and under 18s national team - but with handball not paying the bills she took an unlikely jump into the tech world. Carlota discusses transferable skills between team sports and business, the difference between being a great leader versus manager, and why Millennials should understand success doesn't come overnight.

I am who I am

Schneider Electric shares useful career experiences - from changing careers to interviewing top tips. This podcast also provides some thoughts on identity, pronouns, and how to be a good LGBTQ+ ally - and most importantly how to be more inclusive in asking questions without offending someone.

Unconscious bias and gender stereotypes in technology

Have you ever been the only woman in the room? Join Capgemini's Carmel Gilmore and Chantel Townsend, leaders who have overcome gender stereotypes and navigated their careers in the world of tech - as they share how confidence is key in becoming a leader and owning the room.

What will be the last profession left standing?

The way in which we work is changing at a rate never seen before. What does this mean for how and where we work, and even the sort of work we'll be doing? With a third of jobs expected to be wiped out in the next three decades, Arcadis director Lara Potter shares her theories and experiences on why everything is changing so fast and how we can keep up and stay relevant.

Boosting workplace experience

Dr Amelia Mosquera Pardo, Change and Adoption Lead Consultant in HCL Technologies Digital Workplace Business explains why workplace experience is the first vital step businesses need to consider during a crisis and how HCL works with clients to ensure their employees are supported, educated, and productive during and after a crisis situation.

Life after Lockdown. What's the future of the workplace?

As our needs and expectations change, so does the way we work. We seek flexible, adaptive work spaces that blend to our changing needs - so what does it mean to create a truly inclusive work environment where people can thrive? Sarah-Jane Osborne, Head of Workscape at Arcadis discusses the rise of agile working and re-imagines workplaces of the future.

Importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce

Ajay Nair, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure at HCL Technologies discusses the importance of organizations having a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. Plus, hear about the role of HCL's Women Connect community.

Talking infrastructure and women engineers

Roma Agrawal, Associate Director of Buildings and Places at AECOM discusses hot topics, key projects and innovations that are helping to solve some of the world's most complex infrastructure challenges. This podcast sees AECOM President Lara Poloni discuss the future of our engineers, what skills they'll possess and how industry should prepare.

Transgender day of visibility

Capgemini knows many professionals have worked to create a more inclusive culture. Who are these role models? What are their stories? Hear from one ethical hacker pioneering the visibility and acceptance of transgenders on the work floor.

Forging a sustainable future

Eaton has many impressive women working in their business. Hear from Karen Lynn, director of Eaton's EHS and sustainability strategy as she discusses decarbonization and how global megatrends and government regulations impact the future of moving toward a low carbon future.

Youth and Gender Inclusion

Barbara Rambousek, EBRD’s lead inclusion economist, discusses equal opportunities in an unequal, increasingly changing world.

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