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Catch these brilliant podcasts to advance your own career

Catch these brilliant podcasts to advance your own career

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Enjoy these insightful and engaging podcasts from the Where Women Work community of Prime Employers for Women. Extend your industry knowledge, focus on career advancement, enjoy the advice, wisdom and inspiration of others.

Talking Infrastructure and the Future of Engineering

AECOM Director of Marketing & Communications, James Banks, is joined by Energy Lead for Europe & India, Eloise John discuss what the engineer of the future might look like and delve into the ways they can remain agile in an industry where future job roles are yet unknown.

The Women Who Bring to Life What's Next

Capgemini Invent explores how some of the world’s most successful women leaders transform their businesses and connect humanity with technology to make a difference in the world. Host Courtney Pace, Head of Strategy & Private Equity at frog, part of Capgemini Invent, invites guests to take on big questions for women in leadership roles like what inspires them as leaders, how they started on their career path and got to where they are today, and what they envision as their legacy for the women coming up behind them.

Speaking Up

Catch the excellent DHL Supply Chain Speaking Up podcast series that explores what it is to build an inclusive culture at work. Joined by colleagues, experts and activists all working to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to the D&I debate, the podcasts ask those all-important questions to find out more about its guests, their work, and how they make inclusion work.

Her Story

What has changed for women in business? Capgemini knows that the answer is – a lot. Women have distinguished themselves in businesses and in leadership. Every leader has a different story, but they all have one thing in common – at one point in their lives, they took a giant leap that changed their career like day and night. Capgemini asked female colleagues for their perspectives on how the business landscape has evolved throughout their careers, their advice for Data and AI professionals to establish themselves as experts, and what motivates them to work in Data and AI.  

The Future Is... Inclusion

Cheya Dunlap, Honeywell's first chief inclusion and diversity officer, discusses building a workplace — and workforce — that fosters community and challenges bias. Cheya discusses how organizations and leaders can foster a sense of belonging on their teams in a changing workforce.

Talking Infrastructure and Women Engineers

AECOM Associate Director of Buildings & Places, Roma Agrawal, discusses hot topics, key projects and innovations helping to solve some of the world's most complex infrastructure challenges. This podcast sees AECOM President Lara Poloni discuss the future of engineers, skills they'll possess, and how industry should prepare.

Unconscious Bias and Gender Stereotypes in Technology

Have you ever been the only woman in the room? Join Capgemini's Carmel Gilmore and Chantel Townsend, leaders who have overcome gender stereotypes and navigated their careers in the world of tech - as they share how confidence is key in becoming a leader and owning the room.

How Diageo is Positively Impacting Wider Industry

Three Diageo women, Laura Watt, Executive VP for HR for North America; Caroline Rhodes, Global Inclusion & Diversity Director & HR Director, Corporate Functions; Jeanine Dooley, Head of Inclusion & Diversity for North America, explain how Diageo is a leader for global brands and wants to tell a story about its impact on social change.

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Make sure you catch further inspiring podcasts to help you thin about your own career direction and issues.

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