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Where women choose to work is determined not only by their preference in location, salary and job specification.

Employer brand, company culture, diversity, values, benefits, team spirit, support and purpose are now more key than ever.

These days, finding job vacancies with any company is not hard as there are stacks of general and specialist jobsites worldwide.

But success for employers lies in inspiring women to consider the right companies in the first place.

Our advice to women: "Go to where you're celebrated"

Where Women Work celebrates the achievements of women, while shining a spotlight on the companies supporting them. And we actively encourage interest in job vacancies with prime employers.

We run a year long program of female-focused campaign activity collaborating closely with our clients - this includes our engaging content development, social media activations, recruitment drives and more. Here's just one way we like to promote our clients. Plus see our engaging content marketing about prime employers.

Female candidates (active and passive) and current employees use the Where Women Work platform to research progressive employers, be inspired by successful women, interact in our social communities, and learn about latest career opportunities.

Our criteria for prime employers for women

Where Women Work supports companies, government agencies and universities that meet the below 10 fundamental criteria:

  • demonstrates executive leadership commitment to gender equality
  • embraces a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • forges a female hiring pipeline from early career to executive level
  • values and supports flexible working arrangements
  • provides formal avenues to address any concerns of discrimination
  • ensures women's inclusion from supply chain through to decision making
  • ensures marketing and communications are consistently free from bias
  • extends external support for women's advancement
  • monitors progress and outcomes from equality initiatives and activity
  • maintains external validation of progressive employer practice

These are the aspects we often feature in our engaging content alongside stories about high achieving women, timely gender-related topics and latest career news.

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From interns, apprentices and graduates through to experienced hires, returners and executives - Where Women Work helps support and attract a pipeline of female talent for organisations around the world.

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