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Build knowledge, extend your network, advance your career

Build knowledge, extend your network, advance your career

You're invited to these key career-building industry events that can help broaden your industry knowledge and support your career advancement. Where Women Work's community of Prime Employers for Women invite you to stay informed about key trends and issues - while building your knowledge and experience relevant to your career development. Join us at these informative events.

Thursday December 2: 3pm GMT

How diversity and inclusion can drive better technologies

Join Capgemini for a live discussion on inclusive tech discussing the meaning and importance of an inclusive workplace, cultures and practices, and the steps to shape a positive future for all. As digital technologies increasingly infiltrate our daily lives, diversity and inclusion are more important than ever, as consumers seek more inclusive and representative products and services. Simultaneously, there has been a rising demand for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the tech teams behind these technologies, which benefits not only consumers and employees, but also the organizations themselves; inclusive companies report higher innovation and more enhanced profit than their counterparts. Don't miss this brilliant event.

Thursday December 2: 7pm GMT

The IET Young Woman Engineer Of the Year Award Ceremony

These prestigious engineering industry awards celebrate women working in modern engineering - and aim to help change the perception that engineering is predominantly a career for men by banishing outdated engineering stereotypes of hard hats and dirty overalls. The IET YWE awards honour the very best early-career female engineers working in the UK today.

Friday December 10: 12 - 1pm GMT

Accelerating to a Net Zero world while improving quality of life for everyone

Working for a company like Arcadis that places great social value as a crucial part of their sustainability strategy can be very rewarding. Mark Human Rights Day by joining Arcadis for a panel discussion on the imperative of human rights and societal value being part of the company’s sustainability goals. Speakers include: Nana Berchie, Global People Director Diversity & Inclusion & Employee Experience; Alison Lloyd, Principal Consultant; Sofía López Carrasco.

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