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What is Where Women Work?

We'll help you navigate your next career move - whether you're an intern, graduate, apprentice, experienced hire, women returner or senior executive.

By educating and inspiring you about the exciting vacancies available with progressive employers, we'll help you understand the suitability, relevance and transferability of your skills and experience to new opportunities. We also look for organisations where the work culture and opportunities could be a great match for you.

We're employer-direct which means we're not passing you on to recruitment agencies. Our corporate clients are our partners and we work very closely together to ensure both parties are engaging the right women for the right roles at the right time. We care just as much about what's right for you, as you do.

We have a thriving community of support available to those registered with us and we provide a number of helpful candidates services. We also provide a range of employer services that help organisations attract, retain and develop female talent.

Globally we've been operating for 15 years and we've delivered contracted work for over 100+ corporate organisations in the area of female talent acquisition, marketing and branding. We also operate the well-known global website

So register with us today if you're a candidate as we'd love to assist you.

Or if you're an employer looking to reach and engage more women and you'd like to hear more about our work, contact us for a meeting or call.

All day every day, we're driven by our fundamental mission to support the economic advancement of women globally. Women, work and wealth is our mantra - and although we've a great track record there's still a lot to do.