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Time to meet your passion for humanitarian work?

 March 17, 2015

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Being a humanitarian worker is a calling - not just a job. There's often no sharp distinction between work and the rest of your life.

So UNHCR is the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and they provide jobs with meaning that align with the values of their workers.

Staff of UNHCR operate in some 125 countries around the world, from major capitals to remote, difficult locations where field staff are directly helping the most vulnerable victims of displacement.

If you're a talented professional with a passion for humanitarian work, and under 40 years of age, there's an excellent opportunity right now to build a career with UNHCR. They have a programme called the Humanitarian Professional Programme.

Functional Areas you can apply to:

To be eligible, applicants need to fulfill the following minimum requirements:
- Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution;
- Two years of relevant working experience in the respective functional area;
- Proficiency in English and at least one other UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish);
- Willingness to serve in conflict zones, and field locations.

Eligible candidates undergo a comprehensive assessment process, including psychometric and language proficiency tests.

Candidates who are selected will join this 2-year programme at the P2 Grade level and are deployed to the field after having completed a comprehensive orientation programme.

Learn more about UNHCR's Entry-Level Humanitarian Professional Programme (EHP) and the whole range of career opportunities available at UNHCR. 

Or if you want to discuss your interest and ask us some questions or meet relevant people in relation to this opportunity, then contact  us directly.

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