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The top 3 things I love about my job!

 June 30, 2015

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is certainly one of the best companies to launch a career with. Their award-winning Graduate Management Trainee programme is like an MBA in action.
Where else could you gain such breadth of experience in just two years - like profit and loss responsibility, managing people, having input into key strategic decisions and directions? 

Women love working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car because there's an enormous sense of teamwork, pride and respect. Customer service is paramount and nothing can be more rewarding than the satisfaction of knowing that a great level of service has been successfully delivered.
"Here’s three things I love about working at Enterprise," says Enteprrise Rent-A- Car's Roya Soleimanifar.

My team is awesome

Our company is a fun and friendly place to work where teamwork rules. I started with Enterprise in June 2014 after leaving University and my home town to start my career. Leaving all my friends and family behind was daunting, and I remember walking through the branch doors on my first day thinking to myself: “I hope the people I’m working with are friendly and welcoming”. From the first day I stepped into my branch, I was invited into my Enterprise family with open arms. And I can now honestly say that I work with some of my best friends. I’ve met so many amazing people who have come and gone, and developed friendships I know will last a lifetime. When you work with your friends it doesn’t feel like work, and the best thing about my career so far has been the people I’ve met along the way.

Fabulous career Progression

We work hard and we reward hard work. When you start at Enterprise, you’re sold a promise that career progression and employee development is at the heart of the organization, and I started my career waiting for this promise I’d been sold to come true. I knew that I had to put in the ground work, and from day one made sure that I had a strong personal brand and worked hard to develop myself in order to further my career. Low and behold, just 60 days into my career, I’m taking my first test as a Management Trainee.

Tremendous ssupport

Enterprise provided me with group training classes as well as a mentor, who supported me in achieving 99% in my skills test (and a cheeky bonus!) This gave me even more drive to get promoted. The next big step was the Management Qualification Interview.  At just 6 months in, I felt I had gathered enough words of wisdom and revision to prepare myself for this. After passing my MQI with 94%, I earned the shiny new job title of “Management Assistant” (and new business cards). My progression in 6 months had been fast, and I didn’t plan to stop there either. Time to apply for Assistant Manager jobs! 9 months in, and I’m the Assistant Manager of the largest branch in my area.

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