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What does it take to secure a job as a Data Scientist?

What does it take to secure a job as a Data Scientist?

 September 03, 2020

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Mining big data to engage customers, boost revenue or increase efficiency is now on the radar of many businesses.

But these businesses need people to make sense of this raw, unstructured data - which is where Data Scientists come in. 

What is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist explores, analyzes and interprets patterns and trends in large amounts of complex data to help a company make decisions and solve real world problems.

Data scientists need both the technical skills to solve the problems and the creative curiosity to seek out these problems in the first place.

What skills are needed to be a data scientist?

Key technical skills needed to be a data scientist include machine learning; data science; programming; statistics; mathematics; computer science; data preparation; text analytics; deep learning; pattern recognition; programming; data visualisation; and statistical modelling.

Data Scientists also need to be fluent in a variety of coding languages such as R, python, SQL and SAS.

Soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and being team players, are just as important - and ones that, although you can't always learn academically, are vital for success in the real world of work. 

Career opportunities in a range of industries

Data Scientists have one foot in business, one foot in IT, which means there are a wide range of career opportunities in many industries - such as finance, retail, medicine, construction and education.  

A successful and fulfilling career

Pursuing a career as a Data Scientist can be incredibly rewarding - both financially and professionally.

Data science is a field that is in high demand as data becomes an integral part of how many businesses operate.

Although it requires mathematical and analytical skills, data science is also a very creative discipline where experimentation, curiosity and problem-solving are encouraged. 

Data science is a perfect career for those who want to take bold steps in a rapidly growing industry.

Pursue an exciting career as a Data Scientist 

Where Women Work showcases many global companies that seek Data Scientists to help them solve complex and challenging business problems.

Make your next career move into the data science area - so research some exciting jobs.


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