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1 in 5 employees are looking for new job

 April 30, 2013

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New research from recruitment agency Robert Half UK UK HR directors are very concerned about losing staff in 2013, admitting that they believe one in five (22%) of their current employees will look for a new job as the result of New Year's resolutions. They are very concerned about losing their top performers.
High performing female talent is bound to get poached. Ambitious women, if not engaged, may look to greener fields where their talent is valued and supported. A progressive work culture that is flexible, fair and transparent is critical for any career woman.
Many women have outstanding skills and experience but are fed up with patriarchal or toxic work cultures. Helping them transition to better companies putting their talent where it will be most sought is very exciting - and of course hugely rewarding because we want women to earn great salaries and be satisfied thoughout their career. All women are high performing if they're in the right company, doing the right job, with the right support." 
While many women access targetted jobsites like wherewomenwork.com and LinkedIn, some companies still go out to actively find highly specialised talent through external recruiters like Robert Half.
Phil Sheridan, Managing Director, Robert Half UK said:“Top performers are instrumental in helping organisations grow. However, it is all too common for companies to wait until they receive resignations in order to enhance their retention efforts, but by then it is often too late to keep those key staff. “Losing one in every five employees can have devastating effects on company operations. The New Year has always been a popular time for employees to move jobs, largely the result of resolutions coupled with annual bonus payouts. However, when businesses are able to maintain continuity among their teams, they are in a better position to navigate through the uncertain economic landscape and achieve success.” 

The top four signs employees display when they are looking to move on are:

  • a noticeable change in attitude
  • longer lunch breaks and frequent absences
  • dressing better for external interviews
  • a drop in productivity

Ideally, women can spend their whole career in the same company moving around and upwards for new and exciting challenges. The secret is to choose the right employer and stay with them. When you've got the best, forget the rest.

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