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Needed: More women in Cyber Security

 June 15, 2016

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Cyber security as an industry has more men working in it than women.

Over time, more women most certainly enter into the exciting arena of cyber security, big data, digital and information security arena.

Cyber security jobs and related careers is a huge growth area - and many employers are activelylooking to boost thenumber of women they hire ito these areas. Currently few women are in senior cyber security roles and so there are less role models.

Girls in STEM

More girls need to be encouraged to embrace technology as a career and undertake science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects (STEM) at school. Unfortunately unconscious bias and old-gashioned subtleties still occur which steer more boys into the computer technology arena rather than girls. Schools need to address cyber skills and interst right from an early age - for both genders. Coding in the classroom is key for this.

Companies hiring women in cyber security

Companies trying to recruit more women into cyber security, digital, risk and big data roles need to provide effective mentoring programs aimed at developing and retaining female coders.

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