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When work has no meaning

 April 30, 2013

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Is it a mid life crisis or just a burning desire to contribute in a meaningful way to something larger than oneself?

Day after day, week after week, year after year - people can often find themselves in the same job yearning for the day something 'better' will come along when they are not too busy to go after it.

Remarkably, so many people do not put adequate effort into planning their next move, nor setting in train the steps needed to get there. Half of the battle is figuring where the next move is to, and of course then identifying how to get there. But someting that is consistent for so many women, is a need to contribute to something meaningful and worthwhile in their day job.
Numerous research reports cite that Gen Y employees expect companies to demonstrate good  corporate responsibility. Also, many women want to work for a company that possesses a sound track record in investing responibly for the 'greater good'.

Two companies that remain popular choices for so many female candidates are African Development Bank and World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation (IFC). These banks run the most amazing and effective initiatives that improve the lives of women globally.
The aim of IFC is to reduce global poverty. Now that's something that can make people spring out of bed. IFC  has more than 100 offices in 92 countries, creating opportunity where it's needed most so that people can escape poverty and improve their lives.
At the African Development Bank employees can manage projects like helping to stop the heart-breaking problem that sees one in eight children in sub-Saharan Africa die before they reach five years of age. 

A meaningful career that contributes value to the world - now that's exciting!

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