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Five strategies to increase your visibility and profile at work

Five strategies to increase your visibility and profile at work

 June 03, 2021

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Many people can often shy away at the thought of self-promotion. Yet, increasing workplace visibility can lead to more career-advancing opportunities as senior managers recognize the value their colleagues bring to the company.

Increasing your profile might push you out of your comfort zone, but it can also push your career to the next level. And, you don't need stacks of confidence to stand out in the workplace. Nor do you need to play office politics or compete with colleagues.

Here are five key strategies to think about adopting..

Use your voice in meetings

Some meetings can be daunting  and being the center of attention and successfully sharing ideas with a group takes skill. Yet, meetings can get you and your ideas noticed. Practice and preparation is key. Develop your public speaking skills in the comfort of your home, in front of a friend, family member, or the mirror. Avoid a brain blank through  jotting down the key points you want to make in the meeting and listing the questions you want to ask.

Be proactive with high-profile projects

Push for projects that will get you noticed ‐ projects and work opportunities that involve collaboration with senior executives, or that have a huge impact on the business. Bigger projects can provide key opportunities to better demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and experience, as well as your willingness to step up and work hard for the company. Success with these projects may not only lead to greater visibility, and therefore further responsibilities, but also gratitude and recognition from leaders.

Become an expert in your field

Building your reputation as an expert in a specific area of your business or industry can help boost your profile. Colleagues are likely to seek out your help with projects, tasks, or even speaking and training opportunities. Find your expertise in an area that combines knowledge and passion, and then share this expertise business-wide. LinkedIn is a great starting point, where you can post thought-leadership articles, or create your own blogging site.

Seek support from your network

Tap into your network to increase your visibility. A one-to-one meeting with your manager might uncover opportunities to increase your workplace visibility, as well as informal conversations with colleagues. Formalize your efforts through mentoring, which many companies offer as part of employee development programs. Find people who will act as your sponsor, your advocate, and your cheerleader.

Socialize with others in the business

Maintaining your network is important, but you must expand it too if you want to increase your visibility at work. Make yourself known to people who work in different departments and even different offices by attending both formal and informal events. For example participating in training sessions, volunteering programs or fun social opportunities such as award ceremonies and after work dinners. The more people you know, the more people know you. 

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