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British Science Week aims to smash the stereotypes in STEM

British Science Week aims to smash the stereotypes in STEM

 March 10, 2022

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) fields have historically been dominated by men, a stereotype that British Science Week aims to smash. 

A ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, British Science Week is coordinated by the British Science Association and funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Events are organised by people from all walks of life such as teachers, community group leaders, researchers, parents, students, professionals and many more. 

The theme is Growth, which is a fitting theme given the uncertainty of the past few years. 

According to British Science Week organisers, "Growth links with multiple areas across science, technology, engineering and maths. Whether you decide to explore plant growth in your window box or discuss the impacts of economic growth on our society, or even consider your own personal growth over the last twelve months, Growth as a theme offers a huge range of topics to delve into as part of your British Science Week 2022 activities."

Key focus areas have been highlighted as population growth and urban development, human growth, and the evolution of construction and engineering. 

Smashing stereotypes 

British Science Week also aims to celebrate the diverse people and careers in science and engineering.  

"There are people working in labs, at universities, in innovation centres, in businesses and out on construction sites, who come from so many different backgrounds, and who have taken lots of different routes into their career. Not only that, the jobs people do and the ways that they work as a scientist are so broad – we could never list them all!" says British Science Week.

British Science Week is a chance to #BreakTheBias and smash the stereotypes surrounding people and careers in STEM. 

STEM in the workplace 

In 2021, British Science Week saw more than 500,000 participants taking part in events and activities across the UK – from local communities to the workplace. And the event continues to shine a light on diverse people doing fascinating work in STEM industries. 

Do you want to #BreakTheBias surrounding STEM careers?

Mark British Science Week by forging your own career in a STEM role.

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