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Celebrating U.S. National Engineers Week

 February 20, 2017

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The United States celebrates National Engineers Week each year in February to emphasize the importance of engineering and the education of mathematics, science, and technical skills. For women and girls, National Engineers Week provides an important message encouraging more young women to enter these significantly under-represented fields.

As part of National Engineers Week celebrations, Where Women Work is excited about the inclusion of Girl Day, a worldwide campaign to introduce girls in particular to the fascinating world of engineering. Via Girl Day, thousands of people - engineers, teachers and others - all act as role models to educate girls about how engineers change our world. With their enthusiasm for engineering, this activity has influenced many girls to consider engineering and technology careers, where previously they might not have necessarily considered this path.

Companies like global engineering firm GKN certainly embrace this celebration and actively work to support girls into STEM education in the communities they serve. 

More than simply one week of activity, National Engineers Week does provide a year-round commitment to making a difference because there are many fantastic employers looking for impressive women to join them in exciting engineering roles from internships right through to senior director level roles.

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