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World Health Day is a great time to reflect on health in the workplace

World Health Day is a great time to reflect on health in the workplace

 April 01, 2022

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World Health Day provides a key moment to think about about our health, and key improvements that can be made in the workplace.

This World Health Day - an annual event marked on April 5 - focuses on key public health issues. This year’s theme is Our Planet, Our Health

World Health Day was founded in 1948, with the First World Health Assembly calling for the creation of the day to mark the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). 

“Our health and the health of our planet are inextricably linked, and the need to focus on creating healthy societies on a healthy planet is becoming more and more apparent,” explains WHO. 

Humans contribute to environmental degradation 

The 2022 World Health Day theme centers on the link between the health of our planet, and the health of humans, animals, plants – all living creatures. 

WHO highlights that humans contribute to environmental degradation with unsustainable behavioral patterns, explaining that the population must be part of the solution when it comes to addressing the biggest health threat to humanity – the climate crisis. 

“Rising temperatures, floods and extreme rainfall are all ways in which climate change is impacting the lives of millions of people in the WHO European Region. At the same time, other human-caused health threats like air pollution, ecosystem degradation, and the production and consumption of tobacco are exacerbating the damage to our planet. These are themes that will be explored alongside the initiatives implemented in cities across the Region,” comments WHO. 

In line with its One Health approach that emphasizes the interdependence of animal, human and environmental health, this year’s WHO/Europe campaign promotes messages and activities that showcase how individual choices and social behaviors impact the environment. 

How to protect the planet and health 

WHO lists positive actions that corporations can take to help protect the planet and health:

  • switch off lights after working hours
  • support teleworking when possible
  • remove highly processed and packaged foods from the workplace.
  • reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your activities
  • protect, promote and support breastfeeding as it's healthy and provides sustainable food for babies
  • ensure safe water is accessible for workers

The organization also details a five-point plan for individuals: 

  • walk or pedal to work at least one day a week so choose public transport
  • change to a renewable energy provider; don’t heat your rooms over 21.5C; turn off the light when not in the room
  • buy your fresh groceries from local producers and avoid highly processed foods and beverages
  • tobacco is a killer and a polluter so stop consuming tobacco
  • buy less plastic; use recyclable grocery bags

Enjoy working for an organization focused on employee wellbeing 

Organizations dedicated to employee health and sustainable practices can provide a rewarding career experience. 

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