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Progressive employers actively mark Pride Month in the workplace

Progressive employers actively mark Pride Month in the workplace

 June 01, 2022

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Pride month is celebrated annually across the world in June with organizations, governments, NGOs and individuals coming together, highlighting LGBTQ+ community achievements, issues and topics.

Advocating for LGBTQ+ communities

The June date marks the month of the Stonewall riots, which were protests across the US that were instrumental in changing gay rights across the world. The first Pride march was held in New York City on June 28, 1970, on the first anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Not only is the month about advocating for acceptance and equality, it is also a global opportunity for people to come together to educate themselves on the ongoing devastating affects of homophobia, as well as raise awareness of the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. 

During Pride, people across the globe take part in advocacy parades, marches and other events, with companies and individuals using social media to amplify their progress. 

Valuing diversity in the workplace 

Here are five engaging ways to celebrate Pride in the workplace. 

  • Organise a charity fundraiser - Organising a charity fundraiser is said to unite the workforce under a common cause, and give back to important organizations. 
  • Book an LGBT speaker - Hire an external speaker to discuss their LGBTQ+ experience will empower and educate staff. 
  • Host an inclusion workshop - Hands-on training sessions are often led by an external professional, and teach attendees how to facilitate LGBT equality.
  • Evaluate discrimination and diversity policies - Evaluate the success of diversity initiatives and identify areas for improvement where necessary, to reduce the impact of implicit bias on the hiring process.
  • Decorate the office - Decorating the office with rainbow flags and banners not only celebrates LGBTQ+ colleagues, but also reinforces a stand for equality. 

Work for an LGBTQ+ supportive employer 

Working for an inclusive employer that makes a stand for equality can provide a rewarding career choice. 

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