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On Global Day of Parents, review your employers support

On Global Day of Parents, review your employer's support

 June 01, 2022

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Parents across the world do a considerable job raising their children - and Global Day of Parents provides an ideal moment to reflect on the achievements of parents.

Successfully raise children would be much harder without the support and flexibility from a family-friendly progressive employer, dedicated to offering a great work/life balance. 

Inclusive employers actively support parents 

Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents was first acknowledged in September 2012 as a means to raise awareness about the importance of parenthood and its role in providing protection, and to highlight the tools needed for positive development in children. 

Inclusive employers support parents in a myriad of ways - from offering flexible and hybrid working, to welcoming women returners, job security, offering ambitious maternity and paternity leave, providing supportive management, delivering educational womenreturner programs, and maintaining a strong commitment to encouraging a healthy work/life balance. 

If your employer making strides to provide family-friendly support?

Global Day of Parents is the perfect time to assess whether your employer is providing enough support in the workplace. 

Check out these prime employers for women dedicated to bridging the gap between work and home. 

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