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Where Women Work celebrates diversity with great PRIDE

Where Women Work celebrates diversity with great PRIDE

 June 01, 2022

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Every June we see a flood of rainbow logos, parades and festivities in the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate Pride Month. Every year the recognition of Pride Month grows to include many more allies and supporters it seems.

Throughout LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June, many progressive employers show their solidarity with the  LGBTQ + community by changing their logos to rainbow designs and featuring inclusive blogs, videos, social media posts, and advertisements. Publicly showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community for Pride Month is a positive step toward inclusion.

It is important, however, that employers and LGBTQ+ advocates go beyond making gestures of support to ensure that they fully enact policies that are inclusive and tangible. True LGBTQ+ inclusion must go further than a branding exercise. Employers that actively support LGBTQ employees do so not just during Pride Month, but all year long.

Hiring is one of the most visible ways to support the LGBTQ community, and it benefits the company as well. Employers must certainly start with using inclusive language in their hiring processes. Additionally, employers should also look at updating policies with gender-neutral language as well as adding options like parental leave for all genders, or further benefits like adoption leave. These policies should be clearly outlined within employee literature so existing and new employees know what support they will be offered without needing to ask. If your inclusive culture is obvious to job candidates, you may be able to attract more top talent as well.

So, how can we celebrate Pride Month in the workplace?

The first step to celebrating Pride Month in your workplace is to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment. Your LGBTQ+ employees will feel safer, develop stronger work relationships, and be more productive.

Do employees feel comfortable being “out” in your organization? Do you have any LGBTQ+ employees in manager and leadership positions? Promote your mission, vision, and values so these are more top-of-mind.

Here are some tangible ideas:

  • Host an Inclusion Workshop
  • Hire at LGBTQ+ speaker
  • Donate to a LGBTQ+ charity
  • Evaluate your discrimination & diversity policies
  • LGBTQ+ lunch and learn
  • Virtual Pride Parade
  • Online book club celebrating LGBTQ+ authors
  • Decorate the office (or change your Zoom background)
  • Social Media Recognition
  • Pride Month Quiz

Accepted without exception

Pride Month is an important time for everyone to celebrate who they are - yet even though lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights may have progressed a lot, there is still a very long way to go before everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feels totally accepted without exception. Everyone should be able to feel free to be who they are, wherever they are. And this most certainly includes in the workplace.

Diversity within and across Pride communities

Lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities are incredibly diverse - and this is just part of what makes these groups amazing. Groups comprise all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, abilities and faiths.

Valuing action from leading employers

At Where Women Work, we proudly celebrate and value diversity. Pride Month provides an important time for us to showcase what leading employers are doing to further the LGBTQ+ agenda and shift the needle on action.

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Join us in celebrating Pride Month and see how you can forge more equality in the workplace - and help take action to progress this important agenda both globally and locally.

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