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11 steps to increase your chances of a work promotion

11 steps to increase your chances of a work promotion

 July 03, 2023

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Looking to get promoted at work?

This career milestone is a goal of many professionals. A promotion often brings many personal and professional perks: a better title, a better salary, more influence at work, a sense of achievement, another step up the career ladder, and more.

A common misconception is that a promotion is completely out of an employee's control. Although, ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the employer, actively seeking a promotion can increase the chances of that decision happening. 

Getting a promotion involves a combination of factors, including demonstrating your skills, taking initiative, building relationships, and showing your commitment to the organization.

Remember, a promotion often takes time and persistence. It's essential to be patient, continue to develop your skills, and consistently demonstrate your value to the organization.

Check out these steps that to increase your chances of getting a promotion.

Set clear goals

Define your career goals and the position you aspire to securing. A clear direction will help focus your efforts in making a plan to achieve your objectives.

Excel in your current role

Consistently deliver high-quality work, exceed expectations, and meet or surpass your targets. Showcase your skills, expertise, and dedication to your current responsibilities.

Expand your skill set

Identify the skills and knowledge required for the new position. Take advantage of training opportunities, attend workshops or conferences, and pursue professional development to acquire the necessary skills.

Seek additional responsibilities

Take on additional projects or tasks that go beyond your current job description. Proactively identify areas where you can contribute more and show your willingness to take on challenges.

Build strong relationships

Develop positive relationships with your colleagues, supervisors, and other influential individuals within your organization. Cultivate a network of allies who can support and advocate for you when the time for promotion comes.

Communicate your aspirations

Share your career goals and desire for advancement with your supervisor or manager. Seek their advice on what you can do to improve and advance in the organization.

Seek feedback

Actively seek feedback on your performance and areas for improvement to show your commitment to growth and to reinforce your willingness to learn from others.

Demonstrate leadership qualities

Take the initiative to lead projects, mentor junior colleagues, or organize team-building activities. Show that you have the ability to manage and inspire others.

Be proactive and take initiative

Look for opportunities to contribute beyond your immediate role. Volunteer for special projects or initiatives that align with your career goals and demonstrate your initiative and commitment. Try to gain visibility from such activity, for example through blogs and social media posts - and share this with colleagues.

Document your achievements

Keep a record of your accomplishments, including successful projects, positive feedback from clients or colleagues, and any recognition or awards received. Use this information when discussing your promotion with your supervisor.

Prepare for the promotion conversation

When the time comes to discuss your promotion, be prepared to articulate your achievements, skills, and readiness for the new role. Show your enthusiasm and commitment to the organization.

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