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Getting ahead in your career

 April 30, 2013

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You should want to move forward with your career, rather than backward. If you have no desire to succeed in your field, maybe you should consider a change of career.

Here are some tips on how to get ahead in your job, in order to advance in your career.

Avoid being late
It may seem like common sense, but being as little as five minutes late to work consistently can leave a bad impression on your boss. It is showing you do not take your work that seriously. Your shift starts when your schedule says it starts. Get in the habit of arriving five minutes early to work. This also is the same with your lunch break and when your shift ends. Take a thirty minute lunch break, and no longer. You shift ends when your schedule says it ends.

Don't bad mouth your employers
There is nothing wrong with carrying on conversations with your coworkers. It's important to know the difference between talking about your lives and talking bad about others' lives. Gossiping about employees can create a dramatic work environment and lead to enemies. This goes along with social media too because your employers do watch your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Never talk negatively about your company or your coworkers, or you may find yourself without a job. Your next employer will most likely ask why you were released from your previous job, and this will impact your chances of getting hired.

Avoid distractions
With so many new gadgets and new websites it can be hard not to get too distracted while you are at your job. If your employer allows texting at your job, don't abuse your privilege. If you find yourself falling behind at work, shut your phone off or put it in a drawer. This is the same with Facebook also. Many companies have Facebook blocked, but if you do have access to it, use it sparingly.

Don't get upset over constructive criticism
Never take constructive criticism to heart. You cannot get mad at your employer trying to reach out and offer you help. The feedback is meant to help you build your skills in your position. If you are refusing to grow off of the suggestions brought to you, you will not likely advance. Take notes on feedback given to you and ask questions. This will show your maturity and they will likely be impressed that you are willing to ask for further assistance.

Jackie Ryan has set several goals to work towards in building her career. She always is willing to try something new or provide suggestions to her company. Recently she has suggested snow melting mats to her company as an extra safety feature.

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