Do you love your job?

Are you happy at work?

Are you happy at work?

We spend roughly 25% of our lives at work. That's a lot of time cracking away at a position you don't enjoy, but so many people are doing just that. Many surveys indicate that up to 70% of employees are either unhappy, unhappy or disengaged at work. So it's fair to ask yourself, "Am I truly happy at work?"

1. Does your mind ever wander while you're at work?

2. How do you feel when you check things off your to-do list at work?

3. How are you thinking when it comes to changing jobs?

4. How much time do you spend thinking about work on your days off?

5. How do you get along with your boss?

6. When a new friend asks what you do for a living, how do you respond?

7. How valued do you feel your role is in your company?

8. It's Sunday night. How do you feel about going to work tomorrow?

9. What's your relationship like with co-workers?

10. Your manager announces there's a new project commencing soon. How do you respond?

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