Do you have the right leadership skills?

Are you ready for management?

Everyone has silently second-guessed a boss's decision at sometime or another. But would you actually make a good leader, or are you just fooling yourself?

We came up with a quiz couched in the latest research to test your leadership mettle. If you pass with flying colors, congratulations—you should ask for a promotion! But if you don't, we've included advice on how to take your management skills to the next level, and along the way, make your team members like you a whole lot more.

Maybe you could send this to your boss and compare scores! Actually, don't do that—unless you're confident she would beat you.

1. Do you ever feel guilty at work?

2. Have you ever made a business decision you regretted when you were emotional?

3. When someone proposes an idea, how often do you veto it?

4. Would you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?

5. Have you ever been able to turn a negative interaction with a co-worker into a positive one that ends on a good note?

6. Do you try to model the kind of behaviour you expect from a good employee?

7. What phrase would you more likely use?

8. Do you ask a lot of questions when given a project?

9. Do you enjoy reading? (And not just material related to your field.)

10. Do you make an effort to share knowledge and tips with your co-workers?

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