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Could this be your perfect role?

 May 15, 2014

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Sometimes a certain job comes along that can sweep the right candidate right off their feet. As Steve Jobs said "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." That's why it's important to know these important three factors:

1. Know your core strengths well
Spend quite time reflecting on when you've most enjoyed your career, and when you haven't? What were you doing ? What skills were you drawing on at the time that totally absorbed you? And ask your friends and colleagues what they see as your strengths.

2.  Figure what's important in an employer 
A great job isn't so great if your employer is less than desirable. Identify your priorities and research which companies fit your bill. What's important to you? Location, internationally focused, a leader in their field, good collegial environment, suitable levels of flexibility, a strong values-driven work culture, known as a good payer, an inclusive feel ... Companies vary enormously so find the one that's right for you is critical.

3. Plot your career path
Looking back to look forward is important. Where have you worked and why, so what might logically follow? Or what moves might you need to make to re-focus your career in another direction?

Identifying the right job with the right company for the right reasons is so very important - and perhaps more so for women because choices about family, rising to the top or even having an internationally mobile career, all require careful planning.

And at M&G Investments where the work culture is collegial, the projects are leading edge and the opportunities for advancement are fabulous, a very exciting job opportunity has arisen.

M&G Investments is recruiting a talented Release Manager - watch the video below. Could this be you - or maybe someone you know?

M&G Investments wants to deliver more IT change than ever before. Release Management, along with the rest of the Information Systems department, are looking at new and innovative ways of getting greater volumes of high quality change delivered. 

You can apply right here!

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