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 November 03, 2014

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JOIN US and our colleagues from across the globe for our forthcoming series of group mentoring career teleconferences - short, sharp, monthly sessions aimed at supporting women in identifying and securing their next role whether short, mid or longer-term.

Participants can dial in from anywhere - work, home, cafe, on-the-road and be as visible or anonymous as they choose. Expert career coaches, a community of supportive, professional, experienced  women - and you! 

Learn more about the sessions, insightful topics, helpful presenters, key dates and times. And when you contact us, feel free to tell us your LINKEDIN PROFILE weblink if you want to, as well as a paragraph about yourself and your career hopes.


Women are more likely to perform well in their jobs when they thrive on what they do, why they do it - and when their skills and knowledge naturally align to their deliverables.

Understanding their combination of strengths along with their vision, is crucial if their next role is to be the right one. The company they choose is also critical.

It's important for those women seeking to change their career direction to move to a new company because if they remain where they are, they're likely to always be branded with their current experience and not their transferrable skills. 


To support women's career develoment journey, wherewomenwork is running regular teleconferences, where partcipants can be as active or inactive, visible or invisible as they choose. Expert international, well-regarded, career coaches are working with wherewomenwork to help women identify their marketable strengths and help understand where these might be best placed. wherewomenwork actively seeks out talented women for key corporate roles across a number of countries.

We work with employers keen to find experienced women looking to forge new careers with their organisations. We've placed amazing women on six figure salaries who'd never have known about the impressive roles had they not been working with us.

And for women wanting to either increase their earnings via more senior roles, or perhaps shift gears to flexible roles or even remain in their current companies, wherewomenwork can help support their journey!


Sometimes women need help clarifying their strengths and where these might be best applied - and, importantly, where they will be highly valued. At wherewomenwork we've helped many women identify and pinpoint their MARKETABLE STRENGTHS. And putting these correctly into a CV is imperative. We work with corporate in-house recruiters every day of the week. We know what they look for, what they want, what they avoid and the questions that arise.

Let wherewomenwork help you! Our goal is to get talented women into well paying corporate careers. We do many warm introductions directly between corporate decision makers and female candidates becuase we know and understand that sometimes women like to know whether they have a reasonable chance of success before they acually apply! 

So if you're interested in knowing about wherewomenwork's group mentoring career teleconferences (where women are as visible or anonymous as they choose), EMAIL your details for more information or CONTACT US.

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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.


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