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Celebrate our world for British Science Week

Celebrate our world for British Science Week

 March 07, 2019

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British Science Week is one of the most popular educational weeks in Britain. It’s a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that takes places annually in March.

The campaign involves a range of fascinating, entertaining and engaging national, regional and local events across the UK. It also offers a platform to stimulate and support teachers, STEM professionals, science communicators and the general public to produce and participate in STEM events and activities across the UK.

Each year thousands of events occur, reaching around a million participants across the UK.

Why is British Science Week important?

Science helps us to more easily comprehend the world around us, and it also offers solutions to complex, real-life problems.

British Science Week aims to raise awareness, foster enthusiasm and celebrate science, engineering, technology and maths with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

It is also vital in highlighting current scientific issues our society is facing - for example - raising awareness of the dangers of plastics to our oceans and marine life to encourage people to join the fight against plastic pollution.

The week also aims to encourage an interest in science among the general public, and to encourage younger people to become fascinated by the world around us.

With the importance of science-related disciplines to UK economy, hopefully one day these young people will go on to become the scientists of the future and help make a positive difference to our lives and our planet.

Organise an exciting event

So what can you do this British Science Week?

Across the UK, there will be events organised by teachers, community group leaders, researchers, parents, students, professionals and more.

Throughout the whole of the UK. Events take place in a diverse range of locations, from museums, schools and universities to shopping centres, business premises, libraries and theatres.

One example of a fantastic event is Stoke Damerel Community College’s joint celebration of International Women’s Day and British Science Week. They are organising displays, hands-on experiments and special lessons to celebrate some of the women who changed the world through science.

Get involved in fun activities

The organisers of British Science Week provide fun activity packs for parents and teachers to help their students and children. Activities include creating tunnels, time capsules, perfumes, mummified oranges and a nature log. These activity packs are tailored for early years, primary-aged children and secondary school students.

Visit Amazon’s UK sites

Amazon is a sponsor for British Science Week. It is running a range of activities during British Science Week, including primary school trips to their UK sites. These visits will give students the exciting opportunity to get involved in a ‘Camp Amazon’ activity. When participants complete this activity, they will be in a position to start earning a Superstar CREST Award, which counts towards two of the eight challenges needed.

Become a citizen scientist

British Science Week has partnered with Operation Weather Rescue, a team of researchers who digitalise old weather records.

Their project utilises the tried and tested method of people power; drawing on invaluable help from members of the public by asking them to enter pieces of historical weather information into their database.

There are two decades of important historical weather data that has never been digitised – and you can become a citizen scientist this British Science Week by helping to digitalise this data.

Take part in a virtual race through history

You can also take part in a virtual race thanks to British Science Week’s immersive running app, Run with the Ancestors. The apps tells the story of Britain’s ancient history, and you can it explore it all while you keep fit and run.

With all these great activities and events to get involved in, there's no excuse not to celebrate the wonderful world of science this British Science Week.

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