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World Town Planning Day: Help build smart cities of the future

World Town Planning Day: Help build smart cities of the future

 November 07, 2019

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World Town Planning Day takes place every year on November 8th and brings together businesses, planners and communities to celebrate how we shape our world and make it a place where everyone can live, work and play together.

World Town Planning Day, also known as World Urbanism Day, was launched by Professor Carlos María della Paolera of Buenos Aires in 1949 to promote the value of planning all over the world. Since then, planners from over 30 countries use the occasion to celebrate their achievements through hosting lectures, children's competitions, fundraising events, planning awards and street festivals.

The day also presents on opportunity to look at planning from a global perspective, calling on the conscience of citizens, companies and public authorities in order to draw attention to the environmental impact resulting from the development of cities and territories.

Where Women Work is proud to partner with prime employers for women - including AECOM, Arcadis, Schneider Electric and Eaton - who work hard to make towns and cities fit for the future whilst keeping sustainability and the environment front of mind.

Thinking about tomorrow at AECOM

AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients and communities to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. Planning new cities is key to this, as is delivering clean water and energy, building iconic skyscrapers, and connecting people and economies with roads, bridges, tunnels and transit systems. 

Whether it’s designing cities and parks where people live and play, or helping nations grow and remain secure - women working with AECOM share a single purpose: to deliver a better world.

“Infrastructure connects the world around us. At AECOM, our people work tirelessly to Build for Tomorrow and ensure future generations will inherit a better world," explains Heather Rim, AECOM’s Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Why not use World Town Planning Day to search and apply for job opportunities with AECOM and see where your career might take you.

Arcadis: where vision becomes passion

Arcadis is a leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Arcadis' work is powered by talented women who work in areas like Architecture, Master Planning and Sustainable Urban Development, Program Management, Cost Management, Contract Solutions, Business Advisory, Digital Innovation, Engineering, Environmental Solutions, and Water Solutions. 

Arcadis' vision has quickly become their passion - to improve people’s quality of life through its town planning and other projects.

Arcadis Mobility Solutions expert Natalie Sauber works on the future of urban areas. She describes cities as the best playground for new mobility solutions. “The ultimate goal should be smart mobility: a combination of electrification, connectivity and automation to achieve six zeros: zero emissions, zero energy, zero congestion, zero accidents, zero empty and zero cost,” says Natalie.

This World Town Planning Day, take the first steps into an exciting career like Natalie’s by checking out the Arcadis job vacancies.

Life is on at Schneider Electric

Energy management company Schneider Electric’s technologies ensure that ‘life is on’ for everyone, everywhere, at every moment. We all know the importance of power when it comes to town planning, and Schneider Electric works hard to implement safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected energy for everyone.

The company offers a dynamic, global environment and is looking for passionate people to help innovate at every level.

“My work is never boring. I enjoy achieving things and seeing that I have made a positive impact. To me, our industry makes us implicit in all of the subjects that have an impact on our daily lives. What I really like is to be part of world change,” says Project Manager Iliane Perdu.

Schneider Electric is a company committed to sustainability, and it encourages all its employees to work towards the cause of a more green future. What better reason could there be to search and apply for career opportunities with them this World Planning Day? 

Eaton tackles tough challenges

Eaton is another power management company dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with energy technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable. 

Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology - towns and cities would not be able to operate without the electrical grid. Eaton therefore works to solve some of the toughest power management challenges on the planet. 

"As a power management company, it’s important that we make power safe, reliable and efficient for our customers. And to do it better than anyone else. But we also recognize that we can only achieve this goal if we have excited and engaged employees doing work that they believe in. And when get these two things right, it gives us the ability to give back and support our communities. And deliver superior returns to our shareholders," says Craig Arnold, Eaton's Chairman and CEO.

Take a look at some of the exciting opportunities available with Eaton on World Town Planning Day. 

Join a prime employer for women planning future cities

Do you like the sound of working in the area of town planning with an employer committed to forging a sustainable, smart future?

Through researching prime employers for women, this World Town Planning Day could mark the start of your next career adventure. 


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