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Digital workplaces will be great for women

 May 10, 2016

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Making time for family responsibilities and interests is certainly valued and respected by progressive employers.

International Day of Families, celebrated annually on May 15, provides a useful opportunity to reflect on the importance of family life. Educating and socialising children, as well as caring for the old, remains a bedrock of civilisation. How compatible is family with the business world and how can we promote a better work/life balance?

Changing the way people work

Avanade is leveraging digital innovation and technology to work with clients on changing the way people work, increasing productivity and building competitive advantages. It’s called the Digital Workplace.

Imagine being measured on delivery rather than face time at work. Imagine being able to manage your outside-of-work responsibilities in a seamless and timely manner while still feeling fully engaged and challenged by work.

Avanade is working with clients to deliver new digital tools, cloud services and collaborative team-oriented applications that encourage true flexibility in the workforce.

Working anytime anywhere

Progressive organisations understand and openly value work/life integration and encourage their people to work anytime, anywhere. This, in turn, produces greater employee engagement, harnessing greater productivity.

Research by Avanade indicates that 99 per cent of organisations that have adopted digital workplace tools have experienced business benefits. They say that when done well, a digital workplace can create competitive advantage, increases employee engagement and productivity, while reducing costs and fuelling innovation.

True work/life integration

Digital workplace advancements, delivered on a global scale by innovative technology solutions provider Avanade, are driving true work/life integration and enabling employees to manage external commitments and grow their careers.

Celebrate International Day of Families with the knowledge that the workplace of the future can deliver greater flexibility - which is good for everyone, especially working women.

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