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Celebrate National Intern Day with these prime employers

Celebrate National Intern Day with these prime employers

 July 28, 2020

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Progressive companies actively support interns to gain as much from their career experience as possible and to ensure they get exposure working on projects that make an important impact. So, on National Intern Day, many companies celebrate and recognize the impressive work their interns do on a daily basis.

Internships can provide superb career pathways and the professional development opportunities are very useful.

Interns are often junior staff typically still studying toward degrees and higher education, yet they take on short temporary assignments to boost their knowledge and skills.

Where Women Work explores how some leading employers are marking National Intern Day - a day held in the United States at the end of July each year to applaud the efforts of talented interns.

Amazon interns are building the future, from home

Amazon intern day

Halfway through its first entirely virtual summer internship, Amazon interns all across the globe shared their experiences.

Amazon welcomed its largest intern class ever in 2020, with more than 8,000 interns from 37 countries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon created a virtual program to prioritize their health and safety while offering an experience to work with Amazonians around the world.

To mark Intern Day, Amazon caught up with some of their interns around the world - from São Paulo to Los Angeles to Milan - to learn about their experiences at Amazon.

Medtronic interns participate in virtual summer program

National Intern Day sees Medtronic celebrate its talented interns.

“Summer interns and early career professionals are tomorrow’s innovators,” said Medtronic Vice President of Global Talent and Leadership Development, Patty McPhee. “We want them to be part of our exciting future.”

Medtronic interns

Participants are making the most out of Medtronic's first-ever virtual summer internship program and are bringing lots of energy and fresh perspectives. During the day, Medtronic asked interns about their experience of the company's intern program.

Medtronic internships program

"We're living in a work-from-anywhere world right now," says Medtronic. "Our #MDTInterns are making the most of not having in-person access to research labs and equipment or office space facilities. We asked the interns to show us their creative work spaces."

When asked for her advice, one Medtronic intern suggested: "Don't just focus on the hard skills. Get a good balance of the soft skills. Read about Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Change Management. A good combination of hard and soft skills will make you invaluable and your career more fulfilling. I wish I had known there is so many people behind and by my side to support me. I felt I had to know it all when I didn't. Its okay to make mistakes, ask for help, and say no - we are allowed to learn, grow and do better next time." 

Set up 1 on 1's with people in positions that you are curious about. The world of careers is very different from the world of degrees and getting exposure to all the possibilities is an excellent way to figure out what you want to do."

"Use your internship to meet people - not just those within your function and department, but across the company. We have so many smart people doing various roles, and even 8 years later, I still manage to find roles that I had no idea even existed."

Medtronic interns

Schneider Electric shares perspectives from global interns

Meanwhile, Schneider Electric shares testimonials all week from its interns around the world.

One testimonial is from Fiona Kasili, a tendering solutions trainee in Kenya. She says: “What I find most exciting are the vast opportunities for career growth and learning. What more would anyone at the beginning steps of their career ask for?!” 

Schneider Electric intern testimonial

Hau started with Schneider Electric as an intern and soon transitioned into a full-time role. In her blog, Hau shares what the transition was like and how she feels at home at Schneider Electric. 

Schneider Electric intern women

“Schneider Electric’s internship program has exposed me to a variety of teams and projects over the course of nearly two years that have deepened my understanding of the business while empowering me professionally,” says intern Aislinn Curry. 

Schneider Electric women interns

Plus, check out this fantastic collage of Schneider Electric interns. Even though they are not physically together, they remain truly connected.

Schneider Electric interns

Northrop Grumman interns stage social media takeover

Northrop Grumman interns

Northrop Grumman encourages everyone to celebrate National Intern Day as their interns take over the company's social media platforms.

They are showing the world how they have been Defining Possible over the summer - so get online to experience what life is like for a Northrop Grumman intern.

Keen to know more about what internships are on offer?

There are many prime employers for women who offer exciting internships to support individual growth and learning - and to help accelerate your career.

If you want to gain valuable work experience with a leading company, search for opportunities.


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