Howmet Aerospace understands the importance of apprenticeships

Howmet Aerospace understands the importance of apprenticeships

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Howmet Aerospace values apprenticeships as an alternative career route.

While the company works on the next generation of more fuel-efficient, quieter aerospace engines, cleaner power generation and sustainable ground transportation, it is also advancing the careers of the next generation STEM innovators.

Encouraging apprenticeships and developing careers

This is why, as part of Howmet Aerospace's human rights focus, the company encourages the creation of educational, training or apprenticeship programs tied to formal education for young people.

Within its own organization, Howmet Aerospace also employs people who have qualified via apprenticeships across a range of areas. 

Plus, with learning and development opportunities and coaching and mentorships on offer, Howmet Aerospace is helping maximize the performance and potential of qualified apprentices.

Getting grants to support apprenticeship programmes

Howmet Aerospace has worked with the State of Ohio to gain grants to support apprenticeship programs.

"Apprenticeships are something that I'm learning have a tremendous amount of value," says Gina Govojdean, Metal Flow Path Manager at Howmet Aerospace. "When it comes to a skilled workforce, it's difficult to identify individuals that are going to be both committed to succeeding and also staying because they are so in demand in industry."

"There really isn't a better win-win than doing something that has a positive impact for the company, a positive impact on the workforce, and a positive impact for the individual. So I think apprentice programs are really a key part of being able to leverage that skill set and develop a workforce that's going to be sustainable into the future," she adds,

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Howmet Aerospace is transforming the aerospace and transportation industries and engineering the future.

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