Howmet Aerospace supports student STEM career aspirations

Howmet Aerospace supports student STEM career aspirations

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Howmet Aerospace is transforming both the aerospace and transportation industries and the careers of the next generation.

Through the Howmet Aerospace Foundation, the company is funding peer-mentoring program to support secondary school students.

Recruiting and training mentors for students

In partnership with In2science for example, Howmet Aerospace in Australia is supporting the recruitment and training of university student mentors who are being placed in low socio-economic (SES) schools. This partnerships helps In2science increase STEM engagement and career aspirations for secondary school students, while providing an opportunity for Howmet Aerospace employees to participate in STEM engagement in an impactful way. 

And in the United States, Howmet Aerospace is taking STEM to the next level with one of America’s premier school districts, Pittsburgh Public Schools, through a $1 million grant over 5 years that will see the school district purchase robotics kits for the participation of eight schools in robotic competitions with global robotics community, FIRST.

Howmet Aerospace also provides considerable support to students as they move through their STEM education.

Working on innovative projects as a Howmet Aerospace intern

An internship with Howmet Aerospace enables students to be a part of dynamic and innovative projects, while providing mentoring and professional development opportunities. 

What to expect from an internship

Working alongside leadership, Howmet Aerospace interns have the opportunity to sharpen their skills through hands-on learning.

An internship with Howmet Aerospace will provide you with invaluable experience that you could utilize in any role, and it is the company's goal to evaluate its interns for potential entry-level openings.

Howmet Aerospace's passionate commitment to business support provides the successful candidate with an excellent environment in which to work and the leadership commitment and support to deliver results. 

Interns at Howmet Aerospace can work on assigned projects that focus on process improvements related to their chosen field in a manufacturing setting.

Projects give an intern a realistic view into the requirements of an engineering professional in the manufacturing industry

For many internships, Howmet Aerospace expects candidates to be involved in at least one extracurricular activity and to have prior work experience.

Intern roles include:

  • Quality Engineer intern
  • Maintenance Engineering intern
  • Quality Engineering intern

Gain valuable career experience as a Howmet Aerospace intern

Howmet Aerospace employees ask the tough questions to find the right answers – in a culture based on respect, integrity and inclusion.

Want to be part of this culture? Discover the latest career opportunities.


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