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UNESCOs World Engineering Day advocates for equality

UNESCO's World Engineering Day advocates for equality

 March 03, 2022

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Engineering has always had an essential role in development and human welfare. Ensuring that future generations of engineers and scientists will be able to design solutions for local and global challenges is critical.

UNESCO's World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED) is dedicated to celebrating engineers and engineering, and to raise awareness of the importance of engineering and technology for modern society, sustainable development and a better world.

Celebrated in March every year as a UNESCO international day, WED promotes the profile of engineers and engineering.

It is also an opportunity to engage with governments, organizations, universities, industries, media and the community to address the need for engineers around the world to develop strategic frameworks and best practices for the implementation of engineering solutions for Sustainable Development.

The theme for WED 2022 is: Build Back Wiser. Engineering the Future.

Supporting engineering careers for women

UNESCO understands that women have been historically underrepresented in engineering fields. Even when number of women studying STEM subjects increases, this does not mean more enter the workforce. Faced with barriers such as gender stereotypes or unwelcoming environments, women are still struggling to meet their engineering ambitions.
Therefore, UNESCO is placing a high priority on activities that promote awareness of engineering as a career, as well as on those that demonstrate the importance of youth studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

"In order to be effective, engineering must also be open, inclusive and collaborative. This is why UNESCO is committed to reducing inequalities in engineering: in terms of gender, when only 30% of engineers are women; as well as of geography, especially in Africa, where the number of engineers is lower than in any other region of the world," says Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO.

Taking part in a global hackathon 

Part of the celebrations includes The World Engineering Day Hackathon, that encourages engineering students to work in teams towards global real-world problems.

This competition is a fast-paced simulation of a real-world project. Teams are to work collaboratively on a problem to provide a set of deliverables within a short timeframe. Using their theoretical knowledge, students gain first-hand experience to develop their critical thinking, build new skill sets, push themselves out of their comfort zone and build lasting relationships.

Challenges include:

Building a better world through engineering

We need engineers and engineering to address to reduce the risks of climate change and to ensure sustainable development by developing innovative infrastructure and implementing new technologies.

Engineers can also help achieve targets set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other initiatives to build a better future for our global society. 

Our world needs more engineers - let's celebrate their work on World Engineering Day.

Work for an employer that supports the engineering careers of women

Take inspiration from World Engineering Day and choose a prime employer who will empower you to succeed in an engineering career. 


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