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Leading companies celebrate International Day of Families

 May 10, 2017

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Celebrated in May every year, International Day of Families reflects the importance that international communities attach to families. This year the theme is “Families, education and well-being”

When it comes to work, choosing a role that suits your family life can be an important factor. A job that allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance can come in the form of working from home, job-sharing, working part-time, compressed hours, flexi-time or even phased retirement (find out more about these options here). The options can vary greatly depending on your employer and what country you work in.

Many of the companies that Where Women Work collaborates with offer great flexible working options to enable employees to achieve that healthy work-life balance which so many working parents seek. With family life being a vital element across society, progressive organisations know that flexible working options are key.

GKN places importance on family responsibilities

Global engineering firm GKN understands that many employees have family & care responsibilities, & so supports its staff in many ways.

GKN Plant Manager Kristina Schmitt knows a thing or two about work-life balance and being a female in a male dominated sector. She returned to work at GKN and was happy that she received fantastic support from her employer:

“GKN has lived up to its promises and continued to develop me, as well as give me many opportunities to learn and grow.” Kristina says. 

AECOM offers fabulous support for women’s career development

When you join AECOM, you’ll find the support to develop your career in an environment that fosters your talents and encourages new ideas. With fantastic opportunities for flexible working, AECOM is a supportive and innovative employer. Hear from the women who are enjoying fantastic careers and achieving a great work-life balance.

Schneider Electric supports a healthy work life

"It can feel really daunting returning to work after maternity leave. You have to try to find a happy medium for both you, your family and work and the ability to apply for flexible working is a great way to help you come back into the workplace. It can be challenging but also really rewarding and the support of a good manager is key. You aren’t just a mum!” says Schneider Electric’s Natasha Blaker.

Schneider Electric recognises that many women hold demanding, strategic jobs working on chosen schedules - and so they actively support and value work life balance. Hear from more women at this global company who are enjoying a fantastic career and family life.

Amazon offers innovative working options

Amazon offers not only flexible work options, but is also employing more and more employees in virtual locations around the world. Working part-time is certainly not a hindrance to career growth at Amazon and recently employee Maria Janssen was nominated on the ‘Power Part Time List’ in her role as Trend Director for Amazon Fashion.

“Amazon happily accommodated my need for a flexible working pattern which meant that I work four days a week enjoying valuable extra time with my family. Having an open dialogue with my managers about how to balance the needs of my family and my work has given me the confidence to know that working flexibly isn’t a barrier to reaching the top,” says Maria.

Another success story comes from Amazon’s Katie McQuaid who is Amazon’s Director of Amazon Marketplace. Katie says “My rule has always been that my job has to be exciting enough to leave the kids at home for. That’s a high bar.”

Arup supports women in the workplace

Did you know that 98% of women return to work at Arup after maternity leave? We believe this is thanks to the excellent programmes Arup has in place. These include mentoring, a well-established and active networking group, leadership training, flexible working policies and a working culture that empowers women to excel.

Having so many successful women means Arup more accurately reflects the communities in which they work, adding an unquantifiable value to projects and profits.

Making the most of life at Diageo

Diageo believe that when their people are fulfilled they deliver better performance. They believe in making the most of life, to be the best they can be at work, at home, with friends, in the community and for the community. Hear from Diageo employees as they share what family means to them and how Diageo supports them in achieving a work-family balance.

Mizuho offers fantastic returnships

As part of Mizuho’s focus on increasing diversity, Mizuho launched a Return to Work programme for its London-based investment banking business areas in February 2017. The programme is aimed at facilitating the re-introduction of qualified professionals into the workplace following a voluntary career break of two years or more. After a successful selection process, Mizuho welcomed four returners across their Fixed Income, Front Office COO and Risk Management business areas. During the programme, the returners have worked on commercially significant assignments based on their skills, interests and prior experience whilst benefitting from mentoring and training specifically designed for re-entry into the workplace. Click here to learn more about careers at Mizuho.

Thales looks after its employees

Thales understands that to stay ahead of the competition, it needs a motivated and engaged workforce and is making a considerable investment in retaining and growing its current employees, whilst attracting new talent. This includes offering flexible working opportunities.

“During my 13 years in Thales, I’ve not only had the opportunity to increase my skills and grow my career but have also got married and had two children.  The flexible working Thales offers is essential to me achieving the right work life balance, not just for myself but for my family as well.” says Julie Martin, Business Manager at Thales.

As the Head of the Engineering Capability Deployment at Thales, UK - Amanda Cooper, returned to Thales after her daughter was born and worked flexibly, fitting her role around her family commitments.

“I have moved from software engineering into software management, then part-time resource management when my daughter was born.  From there I have project managed major UK-wide company transformation programs before moving back into engineering as the UK Head of Engineering Capability Deployment for Thales” she says.

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