Siemens Healthineers Dr. Ghada Trotabas discusses future health

Siemens Healthineers Dr. Ghada Trotabas discusses future health

 April 27, 2023

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Siemens Healthineers pioneers breakthroughs in healthcare.

As such, Managing Director Great Britain & Ireland, Dr. Ghada Trotabas, shares her thought leadership on how the hospital of the future is not a hospital. "It’s a health system," she attests. "A system that puts the patient at the center. A system designed to keep people healthy, not only treat them when they're sick. An integrated system that delivers care where people are, at home, in the community. A system where success means that hospital beds are empty, not full."

A health system of the future 

The future of health is a very exciting arena to work within. 

Currently, much care still takes place in hospitals, but Dr. Trotabas claims that the health system of the future is on its way.

"It's already starting to improve outcomes, reduce costs and bring the patient experience to a whole new level," shares Dr. Trotabas. Siemens Healthineers looks for partners to help redesign care delivery to bring it closer to communities, closer to patients.

Making a difference for patients and the system 

Today, many ambulances and emergency rooms (ER) face a major crisis through too much demand, and not enough capacity to meet that demand. "We're talking about ambulances taking sometimes hours to get to the patient and hours to offload the patient in the ER," explains Dr. Trotabas. "Now, what if we could triage chest pain patients in the community and determine right there and then if they need to go to the ER at all? What a difference it would make for the patients, for the ambulances, for the ER...The hospital of the future is a health system. It is an integrated network with a large footprint in the community and strong centers of excellence helping to overcome the most threatening diseases from cardiovascular to neurovascular to cancer."

Work for Siemens Healthineers to pioneer breakthroughs in healthcare 

Siemens Healthineers is passionate about the future of the health system. 

Join the team and play a part in changing it for the better. 

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