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Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on June 23

Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on June 23

 June 06, 2023

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The world needs more women engineers. And attracting more women to the industry certainly benefits everyone.

Women engineers provide great role models to inspire more girls – as well as boys – to study science and technology-based subjects and foster a new generation of technical professionals.

Addressing complex and challenging issues

Women engineers make valuable contributions in delivering inclusive and sustainable solutions. Increasing the diversity of experience, thought, and mindset helps to develop inclusive, innovation solutions for the complex and challenging issues the world is facing, from climate change to putting people in space.

Women have an important contribution to make in building a more equal world. They just need an equal chance to do so.

Elevating the profile of women engineers

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), created by Women’s Engineering Society (WES), provides an important opportunity to elevate the profile of women engineers around the world and call for more women and girls to become engineers.

INWED celebrates its 10th year in 2023, and once again promotes the amazing work that women engineers are doing across the globe, with the 2023 theme being #MakeSafetySeen. INWED also plays a vital role in encouraging more young women and girls to take up engineering and STEM careers.

As well as spotlighting women engineers - electrical, mechanical and civil - INWED highlights the work of engineers across a much wider range of areas including cybersecurity, medical technology & devices, pharma, transport, civil engineering, and human factors.

Meet women engineers working with prime employers

Interested in a career in this ever-growing and impactful industry?

There are many prime employers offering exciting job opportunities for women engineers, and who actively support women engineers to advance their careers though meaningful and impactful work.

Here we meet some very impressive women engineers from AECOM, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, WSP, John Deere, Siemens Healthineers and DXC Technology - and we larn about their work and motivations. 

Meet Honeywell Aerospace Systems Engineer, Christina Chai

Honeywell Aerospace Systems Engineer Christina Chai

"To me, I think a future shaper means always looking towards the future and looking for new ways to innovate and just trying to make the future a better place. I think it also means adapting to change and whatever challenges come at you and not being afraid to dive head first into those challenges," says Christina.

Read about Christina.

Meet Honeywell Systems Engineer, Phoebe Henson

Honeywell engineer Phoebe Henson

"My job is to provide the life support necessary to enable humans to go where they haven’t gone before, so that they might find new homes for us, capture more materials for our use, and help us answer some of the big questions that we have about life and our universe," says Phoebe.

Read about Phoebe.

Meet Honeywell Advanced Systems Engineer, Aru Narla

Honeywell Advanced Systems Engineer Aru Narla

““Working in a technology company you know that that our whole lifestyle is going to change. Change is just happening at a phenomenal rate and it's great to be a part of this company that has got so many new things coming up,” explains Aru. "To me, being a Futureshaper means to contribute to the lifestyle changes that are going to be occurring through technology and also to contribute to raising the new generation that's also going to be a part of the future." 

Read about Aru.

Meet Northrop Grumman Systems Engineer, Gabrielle Cole

 Northrop Grumman Systems Engineer Gabrielle Cole

"Every single individual by virtue of their own unique skin that they're in and the way that they've navigated the world, they come to this company with a different thing to offer and a different way that they see problems. I'm just so proud that Northrop Grumman has the vision to see the value in diversity," says Gabrielle.

Read about Gabrielle .

Meet Northrop Grumman Microelectronics Engineer, Monique

Northrop Grumman Microelectronics Engineer

"Here at Northrop Grumman, we first understand the limits and then we blow past them. We are defining possible," comments Monique.

Read about Monique.

Meet Northrop Grumman Systems Engineering Manager, Mariel 

Northrop Grumman engineer

“When we have challenges, we face them together. When we have joys, we celebrate them together. There are so many opportunities at Northrop Grumman, we really do ‘define possible'," explains Mariel.

Read about Mariel.

Meet AECOM Project Controls Senior Specialist, Jam Espelita

AECOM engineer Jam Espelita

“I embrace equity in my career by pursuing a job most people think is only pursued by men: engineering. I believe women have the intellect, the skills, and the heart to be a leader, and be someone who can make a difference in the workplace," says Jam.

Read about Jam.

Meet AECOM Water Resources Project Manager, Alicia Pajares 

AECOM Engineer Alicia Pajares

"Finding a reason to do your work is so important. You can find that at AECOM because we’re involved in so many interesting and impactful projects across the globe. You can move across countries and states or stay local and still get exposure to projects that are not only best in the world, but best for the world," explains Alicia.

Read about Alicia.

Meet AECOM Project Manager, Agata Kałużyńska

AECOM engineer Agata Kałużyńska

"Career success depends on your willingness to learn. Demonstrating a willingness to learn is a great way to prove your commitment to your company and your role. Every role I have fulfilled was a fantastic learning experience on multiple levels," comments Agata.

Read about Agata.

Meet WSP Engineer, Amy Lakey 

WSP Engineer Amy Lakey

“Being part of WSP has provided me with so much more than simply learning about the water industry. My time at WSP has shown me how the world of consultancy works, and the range of people involved,” comments Amy.

Read about Amy.

Meet WSP Civil Engineer, Sylvia Hicks

WSP engineer Sylvia Hicks

"I’ve always been drawn to water and the environment and have worked on a wide range of different water-related projects including dams and reservoirs, coastal defenses, sustainable drainage systems, and water and wastewater treatment," adds Sylvia.

Read about Sylvia.

Meet WSP Assistant Engineer, Sian Walker

WSP Assistant Engineer Sian Walker

“WSP has already opened doors for me that I didn’t even know about, and so I am excited about my future with the company, taking on new, challenging projects, continuing to learn from the people I work with, and helping to develop the Water Engineers of the future,” explains Sian.

Read about Sian.

Meet John Deere Factory Manager and engineer, Rebecca Guin 

John Deere engineer Rebecca Guinn

"Strong relationships are core to fostering an inclusive environment in any department and in any role. I've always focused on bringing teams together, creating authentic connections, and sharing an aligned vision. When you do those things, you can really build a great dynamic, particularly when you're working with diverse global teams. Throughout my career, I've always focused on doing the right thing and opening doors for others," explains Rebecca.

Read about Rebecca.

Meet John Deere Manager Manufacturing Engineering Services, Birthe Pentz 

John Deere engineer Birthe Pentz

 "John Deere machines are high-tech products that offer engineers countless interesting fields of activity. As a global company, John Deere offers the perfect opportunity to collaborate on different product lines to create machines that are used every day to feed the world's population," comments Birthe.

Read about Birthe.

Meet John Deere Engineering Supervisor, Erin Ralph

John Deere engineer Erin Ralph

"I have had the opportunity to travel internationally for projects and collaborate on new machines and technology with cross-functional teams. I worked with some of the brightest, hard-working and dedicated individuals, many of who have become my friends. On the product side, the machines we develop impact our customers on a daily basis, which gives me a lot of satisfaction," says Erin.

Read about Erin.

Meet Siemens Healthineers Senior Engineer, Claire Hazleton 

Siemens Healthineers Claire Hazleton

"I feel very lucky to be able to carry out meaningful and stimulating work surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about what we do," says Claire.

Read about Claire.

Meet Siemens Healthineers Design Engineer, Lucy Norman

Siemens Healthineers engineer Lucy Norman

“Knowing that products leaving our doors are going to improve people’s lives, enhance diagnostics, help to research new cures and treatments, and that I have had the opportunity to contribute to their design and build process, is very rewarding,” discusses Lucy.

Read about Lucy.

Meet Siemens Healthineers Senior Engineering Designer for Magnet Technology, Emily Latimer 


Emily always wanted to work within the medical engineering industry, to be able to see her work positively impacting others.

"Have a look into all the opportunities there are in STEM careers. There are so many avenues you can go into which I wasn’t aware of when I was at school, I am sure there would be something that would excite and interest you. I think it is a great and exciting area to work within. Also look at different ways to transfer into a STEM career, there are a much larger number of apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships these days as well as university degrees so have a look at what might suit you best. It is great to be part of Magnet Technology and having the opportunity to contribute to medical innovation, helping saves lives around the world. You are surrounded by knowledgeable and inspiring colleagues on daily basis and have lots of opportunities to develop professionally," says Emily.

Read about Emily.

DXC recruits many Systems Engineers

INWED - DXC engineers

Looking to embark on a new engineering job where brilliant women embrace change and seize opportunities to advance their careers and amplify customer success? 

DXC Technology recruits many software engineers. For example, DXC system engineers design simulations to keep countries safe.

DXC employees support each other and work as a team, both globally and locally, to deliver excellence for the company's customers and colleagues.

Enjoy a rewarding engineering career with a prime employer

Inspired to address the gender gap in the engineering field?

Bring your engineering talent to a new role with a top employer.

Check out the many engineering jobs available with Prime Employers for Women. 


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