Siemens Healthineers uplifts and celebrates womens achievements

Siemens Healthineers uplifts and celebrates women's achievements

 March 26, 2024

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Marking Women's History MonthSiemens Healthineers shone a light on some of its inspirational women.

"Whether driving innovation in healthcare, achieving excellence in sports, or nurturing families, their influence knows no bounds. Let's continue to uplift and celebrate the achievements of these incredible women and embrace diversity as a catalyst for progress," said the company.

Choosing the path that means growth

"In life you are presented with different paths. Most of the time, I choose the one that scares me a bit, because I know that's where I'll grow the most," commented Amira Romani [pictured above], Siemens Healthineers Senior Vice President for Innovation & Technology Strategy.

Supporting growth and development

Siemens Healthineers employee growth and development

"Top sharing lets us learn from each other's perspectives. We listen to our employees, understand their needs, and support their growth and development," said Siemens Healthineers Co-Heads of its External Marketing Platforms, IT - Nuran Dogan and Corinna Pfilf.

Providing a safe arena to build confidence

Siemens Healthineers build confidence

"Be fearless in trying new things, but remain humble to listen and learn. You can empower your team by providing a safe arena to build their confidence," explained Siemens Healthineers Site Head, Mishawaka, Point of Care Diagnostics, Dr Bina Desai.

Constantly achieving new goals

Siemens Healthineers women's achievements  

"Challenged by my manager, I biked from London to Paris in over four days to raise money for cancer. I never thought I could do it, but you can do anything if you put your mind to it," said Personal Assistant to Siemens Healthineers Senior Management, Jane Drake.

Adapting to constant changes

Siemens Healthineers women courage and resilience

"In motherhood I strengthened my courage and resilience. I found fulfillment in small things and developed flexibility to adapt to constant changes," said Siemens Healthineers Country Head for Brazil, Adriana Costa.

Overcoming obstacles to achieve dreams

Siemens Healthineers overcoming obstacles

"I overcame obstacles to achieve my dreams. I now represent my country in field hockey. My Argentina Masters team came in second place in South Africa, and I am preparing for the World Cup in New Zealand," said Siemens Healthineers Governance Officer Manager, Strategy and Business Development, Roxana Scapin.

Inspired by women working at Siemens Healthineers?

Siemens Healthineers embraces and encourages different viewpoints, backgrounds, experiences, expertise and idiosyncrasies.

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