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Are you applying the STAR technique to your CV?

 June 18, 2013

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Quickly trying to pinpoint a candidate's strengths, based on demonstrable experience, is sometimes challenging.

The best candidate CVs have one thing in common. They clearly articulate what the candidate has achieved.

Actual deliverables are explained within the context of a problem that they have solved, or helped resolve.

Too often CV's all sound the same - too many generic words like "strategic", "highly qualified", "top performing" or "critical projects" are used.

The best and most effective CVs are those that apply the STAR method which is a structured sequence of explaining achievements from a contextualised action-orientated perspective. It is an interview technique that can be applied to CVs.

For example, a SITUATION or problem is briefly stated and the TASK required of the candidate is clear. The ACTIONS that the candidate took and their role are specific. Then the RESULT and accomplishments are described. Clarity regarding individual deliverables, as opposed to group performance, is essential. 

But remember, do not ramble or include too much information.

CVs using the STAR method make it easier for recruiters to rapidly assess a candidate's skillset and learnings so as to form a detailed picture of proven ability and responsibilities.

Avoid misinformation at all costs because employers do check references and a wide range of sources to ascertain consistency of details.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is current and achievement-based. LinkedIn recommendations serve as useful endorsements if from reliable and relevant sources.


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