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84.51° is an exciting company that knows customers inside out

Data and science are the heart of 84.51° 's business. They apply it where it matters most, and then they turn that data into personalized relationships between people and the brands they love.

Sound like an exciting place to work? They don’t just talk data and science. They do it. 84.51° looks for ways to serve up awesome customer experiences using cutting-edge science and technology. They gather and analyze data from more than 60 million households in the United States, resulting in hugely meaningful insight.

At 84.51° it all starts with the customer

84.51° 's goal is straightforward. They build relationships between people and brands. To do that, they take a focused approach to data science - diving deep into complex data and building technology platforms to personalize experiences for each customer and client in user-friendly ways.

Limitless minds. Fearless hearts. Relentless delivery.

Sound exciting? You can work for 84.51° and enjoy a hugely brilliant career. You and 84.51° could make a great team.

They're always looking for two things: Free thinkers who are passionate about using data and science to deliver game-changing customer experiences and client partners who are ready to challenge convention. 

At 84.51° attitude is everything

They analyze. They challenge. They are innovators. They push the limits because they believe that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. They take business seriously, and they have serious fun. They challenge the status quo, and they strive to learn and do more. They value every opinion, and contrary thinking is their way of life.

84.51°'s most valuable assets is their people

Will you be part of the dream team at 84.51° ?

84.51° is made up of many disciplines and functions that work together on missions to solve the needs of customers and our clients. The company is always looking for naturally curious people to make them better. They’re always a few steps ahead and want to collaborate and stimulate their brains.

Research more about what 84.51° does as a company, then search and apply for great jobs that match your skills and interest.

Where can you work for 84.51?

Cincinnati - If beer, chili and baseball are three of your favorite things, then this town is for you. They're living the dream in the city that brought you legends like Steven Spielberg and Fiona the Hippo. And ... Cincinnati has bene named as one of the best places to work and live!

Chicago - 84.51°'s office is primed for Chicago’s greatest adventures. Stroll the Riverwalk in the morning, head to one of the many museums for lunch, or catch a set at Second City late-night. This town has something cool going on every time of day.

New York - Call 84.51° crazy, but they love being in Times Square. They’ve got theaters on their left, the library on their right, and don’t get them started on the people watching. This city was made for the hustle, and 84.51° fits right in.

Portland - Sometimes you want to live in a place that’s as unique as you are. And Portland offers a lot for people with an independent streak. It also has the best coffee, and that’s honestly all the reason 84.51 needs to be there.

Join 84.51° and enjoy a fascinating career 

From data scientists to Business Intelligence Analysts, search and apply for a fabulous job at 84.51° at their Cincinnati headquarters or their very cool Chicago offices.

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