Lockheed Martin is where women work

Customer focus, innovation and purpose are built into everything they do

Whatever your role at Lockheed Martin, you can have the satisfaction of bringing your best thinking to the toughest challenges confronting humanity. 

Lockheed Martin is on a mission. Your mission. When millions of people are counting on you. You can count on Lockheed Martin.

Every day, Lockheed Martin's 10,000 employees come to work with one focus – their customers' missions.

Whether it's protecting citizens or advancing the boundaries of science, these missions are some of the most important and challenging in the world.

Lockheed Martin brings an unwavering commitment to help its customers succeed, and it is that sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference in the world that drives Lockheed Martin's employees every day.

Know the vision

Lockheed Martin seeks to be the global leader in supporting their customers' missions, strengthening security and advancing scientific discovery.

Live the values

Lockheed Martin’s success depends on its commitment to integrity.

Their core values are fundamental to who they are and what they do. At Lockheed Martin, they believe that doing what's right is more than just obeying laws and regulations. It's holding themselves to a higher standard, even when the law may not require them to do so. They refuse to allow their integrity to be compromised by their desire to succeed, regardless of the circumstances of their business.

  • Do what's right
  • Respect others
  • Perform with excellence

Choose your mission and you'll solve it together

  • Cyber Solutions - Identify the enemy’s strategy while defending your position and your network
  • Autonomy - Team with machines to increase your productivity and safety
  • Space Exploration - Discover the secrets of our solar system
  • Air Dominance - Penetrate the adversary’s territory undetected and return safely
  • Missile Defense - Defend your territory from a distance
  • Heavy Lift - Deliver troops and supplies to the most remote locations
  • Sustainment - Prepare your team for long-term readiness
  • Artificial Intelligence - Find new insights in oceans of data and information so you can act quickly

Together, Lockheed Martin helps solve the toughest challenges

From deep space to aerospace, from mechanical engineering to computer science – there are countless ways to make a difference together.

Research more about working for Lockheed Martin and explore their latest job vacancies.


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