Returning to work after a career break?

Returning to work and a new job can be daunting

Whether you've had travel, maternity leave, caring responsibilities or just time out, returning to work can be challenging. Finding the right part-time job, especially with flexible working, can be tough. Luckily many companies now have women returners programs. And because recruiting women returners are a high priority, initiatives targeting female job candidates are abundant.

Maintaining confidence, identifying relevant opportunities, re-assessing your skills and ability - all add to the sometimes overwhelming nature of finding the right return to work opportunity.

But beware, how organisations accommodate and support women returners varies enormously. Some companies are much better than others when it comes to supporting women's return to the workforce.

Whether banking, technology, engineering, marketing, HR or further fields - opportunities do exist for flexible part-time work.

Let Where Women Work help you transition into a friendly, supportive role that works well for your circumstances.

And complete our career assessment to determine how ready you are to return to work.

Prime employers supporting career returners

Secure your dream job with a prime employer for women and enjoy a rewarding career.

Bouncing back after a career break at MetLife
Schneider Electric supports women returners
Northrop Grumman supports women returners
Medtronic supports women returners with Careers 2.0
Return to work flexibly with loads of support at Amazon
Return@Capgemini supports returners from career breaks
Honeywell has a supportive work culture for women returners
Eaton supports women returners following careers breaks
Vodafone ReConnect Programme for women returners
Exyte supports women returning to an exciting world of work
84.51° welcomes women returning from career breaks
FDM supports women returners work via tech careers
AECOM attracting professionals back to work via returner programme
Diageo offers awesome six month paid career returnship
Women appreciate excellent flexible working options at Arcadis
HCL actively supports women returners back into the company
NSW DFSI supports women returners
University of Sheffield Women Academic Returner Programme
Women returners head to Rio Tinto

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