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Get behind Womens Equality Day and make a difference

Get behind Women's Equality Day and make a difference

 August 21, 2019

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There are many inspirational women in this world. Whether they are high-flying CEOs, full-time mothers, relentless philanthropists or starting to climb the career ladder - all women bring value to society. 

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day in the United States and is a way of marking the historic moment in 1920 when U.S. women won the right to vote, but is also an important celebration of all women - past and present.

Women's Equality Day was first launched in 1973 and is now celebrated in the United States every year, with each serving President proclaiming the moment. 

What equality looks like - now and in the future

Women's Equality Day workplace colleagues

S&P Global published a report stating that acceleration in U.S. GDP growth under increased female labor force participation could add a whopping $5.87 trillion to global market capitalization in 10 years. A concerted effort to increase participation and foster retention of women in the American workforce, particularly in those professions traditionally filled by men, represents a substantial opportunity for growth of the world’s principal economy.

However, in the U.S., one of the biggest obstacles women face is being a working mother in the labor force - largely because the U.S. is the only country in the OECD that doesn’t provide income support during maternity or parental leave by law. 

Women currently make up around 51 per cent of the U.S. population. Today, more women than men graduate college, women make up half of the workforce and nearly half of working women are the primary breadwinner for their family. The U.S. is also seeing more female candidates running for office and women make up the majority of voters across the nation. 

However, there is still a gender pay gap, plus only 20 per cent of Congress is made up of women, less than 22 per cent of city mayors are women, and the U.S. is yet to have a female Commander in Chief.

Excellent strides are being made towards true gender equality, but there is still some way to go. A McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report reveals that up to $28 trillion could be added to the global GDP if the U.S. achieves full gender equality by 2025 - just one of many reasons why Women’s Equality Day is so important.

And, thankfully, research indicates that people's perceptions about the competence of women in the workforce being equal to that of their male counterparts, is certainly improving. 

Celebrating the crucial role of women in society 

Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day offers a great opportunity to reflect on the important role of women in society. Women have long served the U.S. as a nation by working to clear barriers, enforce laws, implement new ideas and change people’s attitudes. 

The day is also an excellent time to recognise women’s continuous achievements in the working world. The women showcased across the Where Women Work website are a reminder that everyone has the opportunity to overcome life’s obstacles, to give their very best effort, and to join together to form a more inclusive society.

There are many outstanding women in today’s working world who are champions of equality. At Where Women Work, we’re delighted to partner with Prime Employers for Women who actively foster and promote a strong commitment to inclusion.

Among these prime employers are many leading companies including Amazon, MetLife, F5 Networks, Arcadis, HCL84.51°, AECOM, BD, Capgemini, Northrop Grumman, McDonald’s, Eaton, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Diageo, Exyte, Medtronic, Rio Tinto, Vodafone just to name a few. 

These employers are actively recruiting women, making a conscious effort to encourage diversity in the workplace, and supporting women’s careers through innovative programs and initiatives.

Join a prime employer for women

Is your employer doing enough to support and encourage women’s careers and workplace inclusivity? If not, perhaps Women’s Equality Day is the time for you to think about making a change and taking your talent over to a new company.


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