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Apprentices earn while they learn in their chosen industry

Apprentices earn while they learn in their chosen industry

 February 04, 2020

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Studying at university, college, or a higher education institution isn't the only way to learn new skills and gain experiences for a future career.

Apprenticeships allow people to study for a qualification and gain on-the-job training at the same time - swapping out the tuition fees and student loans for a wage instead.

There are apprenticeships across a variety of industries - from construction to finance - all of which are paid roles with no student fees for study and training. If you know what industry you want to work in, an apprenticeship is a good way to enter the job market and prove to an employer than you can hit the ground running.

So what are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Real life workplace experience

Apprenticeships provide real life workplace experience and the chance to learn from experienced and senior colleagues. In this environment, apprentices can gain new skills, knowledge, and a sense of responsibility across a broad range of their chosen industry. Jumping straight into the workplace sounds overwhelming, but it's a formative experience that proves to future employers that you can cope with any challenge. 

Increasing career prospects

Although an apprenticeship focuses on a specific industry or discipline, it's inevitable that an apprentice will also finish the program with a greater understanding of bushiness in general and a toolkit of soft skills, such as communication, organization, teamwork - all of which strengthen job applications and career prospects. In fact, more than 90% of apprentices say their career prospects had improved after undertaking a program.

Earning a professional qualification

All these skills, experiences and knowledge gained during apprenticeships is formalized through a qualification. The training and studies towards earning this qualification is funded by the government and your employer. 

Creating a network of contacts

As well as gaining skills, being in a workplace helps apprentices gain professional contacts, which could come in the form of partner companies, fellow employees, tutors, trainers or a mentor.  Over the duration of an apprenticeship, a network can be built and strengthened that can be called upon throughout your career.

Receiving a wage and workplace benefits

Of course, and often most importantly, apprentices also get paid for their hard work - and receive the same benefits as other employees, such as holiday entitlement and pension contributions.

Gaining access to a company and a career

With all these skills learned and experiences gained, apprenticeships puts people on step ahead than a regular employee.

An apprentice learns not just how to do their own job, but the entire role, and to be able to do it in any situation. Apprentices, often more than regular employees, have to be able to adapt, to self-sufficiently progress their own career, to problem solve, to be communicate with a range of difference people.

With this broad experience of a company, and the contacts made, often an apprentice might end the program with a job offer - and therefore quicker access into a company than a regular graduate or employee.

An apprenticeship could be a sure way to secure your dream career.

Choose your industry and apply for an apprenticeship

There are a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available for women who are determined, motivated and keen to shape their own career path.

From engineering to technology, search and apply for apprenticeships with prime employers.


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